Orange Book Value (OBV)

Orange Book Value (OBV) is India's first and only algorithmic pricing engine, providing the true market value for any used automobile. Many sellers and buyers are now using OBV to check the true market value of a vehicle before selling or buying.

OBV use data science approach to give a fair market price of a vehicle in real time. It offers an independent, unbiased, and data driven value of any used vehicle. OBV also gives price for the same new vehicle and total cost of ownership of the vehicle for 5 years. A 360o price evaluation and ownership cost helps in increasing buyers’ trust in the vehicle, gives confidence to buy, and making a quick decision.

Now download Orange Book Value app and check “Resale ka MRP” in less than 10 seconds. Click download app to get this fabulous pricing tool on your phone.

OBV was built using our proprietary technology and data science to help sellers determine the right price for their listings. As a seller you can use Orange Book Value to decide the price of your listing and sell better. From used cars and bikes, to scooters, bicycles and even planes, Orange Book Value gives the true market value for any used vehicle

Orange BOOK Value offer Advance Evaluation, and users can now get more precise fair market price of a pre-owned vehicle for free. Now you can click Advance Evaluation on the result page to get a more precise price based on:

  1. Location: You can select nearest location from around 3000 locations in India and get the fair price range for your city.
  2. Number of Owners: Price of a used vehicle can also be refined by selecting the number of owners of the given vehicle.
  3. Accident History: You can also get fair value if the vehicle has faced Minor/Major accident
  4. Body Color: The price of an automobile varies for different body color. We have identified 3 primary colors which are most sought after in automobiles, and check price on basis of the color of a vehicle
  5. Detailed Conditions: Identifying the most appropriate condition of the vehicle is now easy by selecting the condition of various components of an automobile (engine, frame, exterior, interior etc.). The data science behind, automatically calculates the right condition of the vehicle based on the inputs of the user.

Till now we only had OBV Basic Report which contained information like OBV value of the selected vehicle and past transaction history. Now you can see a more detailed and comprehensive vehicle pricing detail in OBV Premium Valuation Report that includes more precise fair market price of a pre-owned vehicle, a lot more statistics and data, to help seller & buyer take a more informed decision.

Now you can get OBV Premium Valuation Report on the result page for a more precise decision.

Contents of the Premium Valuation Report are mentioned below:

  1. OBV Value for All Conditions: While the main value of the vehicle is given by analysing the all the inputs of user (including ‘Advance Evaluation’), the user will also be able to see value in remaining 3 conditions.
  2. New Vehicle Price Now and Then: The user will get the current on-road price of the new vehicle as well as the on-road price in the year the vehicle was purchased.
  3. Total Cost of Ownership: Estimated expenditure for 5 years on fuel, insurance, servicing, tire change cost for selected vehicle.
  4. What Others Have Paid: It will show the price paid by other customers to purchase the vehicle of elected MMYT combination.
  5. User Ratings and Reviews: This will show the ratings and reviews given to the vehicle by the users at
  6. Expert Reviews: Get expert review of the various features along with its pros and cons of the vehicle
  7. Price of Similar Sold and Listed: High, low, mean and median of similar vehicle listed and sold for past 60 days, 90 days and lifetime

The user can download Basic Report (for free) and purchase the Premium Valuation Report from result page of OBV Website or from OBV block on Product page at

Here are some benefits of the Orange Book Value for the sellers:

  1. You can price the vehicle better, which will help in selling more online
  2. Get 360o view of the pricing with new vehicle price and the total cost of ownership for 5 years
  3. Buyer will have opportunity to benchmark pricing of your listing and thus make a faster decision about the attractiveness of the price
  4. Get used vehicle price for free
  5. Download, email or print any used vehicle-valuation report for free
  6. Vehicles with fair price will increase the trust in buyer, helping to create a stronger reputation for you, and a more reliable brand online
  7. Increase Full Circle Trust Score by selling at a fair price

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Make sure to use OBV before you buy or sell an automobile. It is India’s most advanced and robust pricing recommendation tool.

How It Works

OBV is India’s most advanced and robust pricing recommendation tool. Here are some important features that you get in your Orange Book Value mobile app: