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Benefits of Extended Warranty

  •   Extended Coverage
  •   Peace Of Mind & Assured Safety
  •   Savings On Expensive Repairs
  •   Covers Crucial Auto Parts
  •   Greater Resale Value
  •   Coverage Options
  •   Reliable Customer Service

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Mentioned below are the service provider for a four-wheeler and two-wheeler warranty; Manufacturer

Some of the automotive brands offer warranty service as a bonus or at discounted price to the to new car buyers. Service provided are variable for different manufacturer and plan. Insurance Companies

Some of the insurance organizations, offer warranty to safeguard the repair expenses of a new or used car.

You can purchase the warranty through manufacture or car dealer yet can consider for a standalone warranty provider. Reason being improved comparison in-between different vendors to come up with a smart decision.
Standalone Companies like Droom

Droom the online marketplace provides multiple options for warranty that matches with their requirement and budget. Get details about different warranty plan powered by different vendors.

The age and kilometers driven by the vehicle are the factors that decide the cost of warranty. Vehicles, which are 7 years old or run less than 1,00,000 Km from date of first sale, are eligible to avail the warranty service. For eg: The cost of warranty for a used car is higher than in comparison to a new car.

Within, 24 hours of the complaint registration

Only, the Registration certificate of the vehicle is required to claim the warranty.

A customer is required to share the registration number of the vehicle, in order to purchase the warranty service online.

All the information which is given above is only for understanding purpose, at the time of purchase the information related to it might change.