Total Cost Of Ownership

Know the rough estimate of owning your dream car, bike, scooter based on your commuting style. Total Cost of Ownership or TCO offers you the realistic ownership experience of a vehicle so that the vehicle ownership cost does not surprises you later. TCO takes many factors into consideration like insurance Cost, Tyre Change Cost, Depreciation, Fuel Cost and gives a realistic idea.

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TCO Methodology:

Total cost of ownership is based on the Ex-showroom price and monthly running kilometers of a vehicle. All the costs such as insurance cost, fuel cost and so on are calculated using Droom's propriety algorithm

Steps in Calculation:

  1. The Ex-showroom price of the vehicle is captured when you enter the vehicle name.
  2. Insurance cost is calculated based on IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the vehicle each year
  3. Fuel Cost for 5 years is calculated depending upon the monthly running kilometers and mileage of the car
  4. Tyre change cost is calculated considering the cost of new tyres and monthly running kilometers
  5. Regular maintenance/service cost is taken for 5 years
  6. Depreciation is taken for each year and added in total ownership cost

The tool gives the ownership cost of any car, bike, scooter in two forms:

  1. Total cost of ownership of a vehicle as a whole number and ownership cost per kilometer
  2. Individual cost split up for a period of five years in a graphical comparison form

TCO Glossary:

  1. Insurance Cost: It is mandatory for every vehicle running on Indian roads to have an insurance coverage both for the vehicle and third party. This Insurance requires a premium to be paid every year. The sum of premiums of the vehicle for a period of five years gives the insurance cost.
  2. Fuel Cost: Every vehicle returns different mileage. Depending upon the monthly running kilometers, mileage and fuel type, the fuel cost will vary.
  3. Tyre Change Cost: This includes the cost involved in replacing the existing tyres with new ones during 5 years
  4. Service Cost: Every automobile will require a regular maintenance and the expense for this maintenance varies depending upon the brand, kilometers run and age of the vehicle. This service/ maintenance cost has been calculated for a period of 5 years.
  5. Depreciation: The value of every vehicle goes down from the time of manufacturing throughout the useful life. This decrease in value year on year throughout the useful life of the vehicle is called depreciation.