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Independent, Objective and Unbiased Pricing by OBV
Vehicle Historical Records by Droom History
Certified Vehicles with 1,100 Rigorous Inspection Points by ECO
Buyer Protection
Droom Buyer Protection: Hassle Free Return, 6 Months Warranty with upto ₹ 50 Lacs Coverage and OBV Buyback

About Droom

Droom offers a 21st-century e-commerce experience for automobiles. Droom offers India’s largest selection of automobiles with over 2.9 lacs vehicles online in 1,100 cities — both used & new, cars & 2-wheelers, and other vehicles too. For buyers, Droom offers India’s finest automobile buying experience online with trust, selection, low price, and convenience second to none. Every vehicle sold at Droom goes through a proprietary and technology-driven rigorous 1,100-point inspection and certification for its condition, pricing, and history. Because Droom invests in technology and AI vs. physical stores and thousands of people, the automobiles sold at Droom are cheaper than other options available to the consumers. From our mobile apps or websites, users can search for vehicles or create buying requirements, book vehicles, get loans and insurance, and finally get the vehicle delivered to their doorstep.

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Droom’s Highly Unique Business Model

  • Droom’s disruptive approach for sourcing, selling and certifying used automobile is creating waves globally
  • Pure-play E-Commerce for automobile with no physical stores or own inventory
  • Proprietary and Tech driven scalable ecosystem services for building trust and certifying vehicles with iron clad promise
  • Droom is the only platform that sells both new and used
  • Droom is the only platform that sells every type of vehicle from bicycle to plane
Droom Business Model

How Droom Builds Trust

Independent, Objective and Unbiased Pricing by OBV

Independent, Objective and Unbiased Pricing by OBV

Vehicle Historical Records by Droom History

Vehicle Historical Records by Droom History

Certified Vehicles with 1,100 Rigorous Inspection Points by Eco

Certified Vehicles with 1,100 Rigorous Inspection Points by Eco

Hassle Free Return

Hassle Free Return

6 Months Warranty with Upto 50 lacs Buyer Protection

6 Months Warranty with Upto 50 lacs Buyer Protection

OBV Buyback

OBV Buyback

Why Droom has Selection that No Body Can Match

  • Droom has created India’s largest community of auto dealer so that they can sell online vs.waiting to become irrelevant
  • Droom has 250k+ automobile and second best has 5,000
  • Droom does crowd sourcing for used automobile
  • Marketplace model harness distributed network of 21.8k dealers, tens of millions individual sellers and dozen of OEMs
  • Proprietary Cloud Dealer Platform helping dealers to sell anytime, anywhere using any device
  • Strong and highly engaged dealer community
  • Strong and proprietary auto dealers selection screening process
  • Harness supply independent of physical catchment centers
  • Harness supply without people, working capital, holding cost and holding risk
How Droom Builds Trust

Why Prices are Low at Droom

  • Higher listing density makes price fairer for buyer and fast trade velocity for seller
  • No physical store, own inventory, or people heavy business
  • Heavy use of technology and data
  • Economy of scale and scope that beings down costs
  • Seller and Droom has higher motivation for faster trade velocity and more volume vs higher margin
  • Culture of frugality and measurement
  • Droom does not have to do buy low and sell high due to its choice of business model
Why Prices are Low at Droom

How Droom Offers Convenience Second to None

Droom Offers
Buy or sell from comfort
of your home or office
Droom Offers
Buy or sell 24/7
and 365 days
Droom Offers
Hassle free loan &
Droom Offers
and returns
managed by Droom
Droom Offers
One marketplace but offers both used or new and car or any other vehicles
Droom Offers
Tech, data and ecosystem driven services with scale and reach not availability by anyone

What Keeps Droom Honest

  • No owning used vehicle inventory but having full skin in the game certifying it
  • Not having expensive procurement centers, large teams, warehouses or physical retrials
  • Only party with no conflict of interest in sued automobile buying and selling
  • Our proprietary and tech driven certification and trust building services that that are independent, objective, and unbiased

Our Offerings



Droom offers India’s largest selection of automobiles with over 2.9 lacs vehicles online in 1,100 cities

Research Tools

Research Tools

Selection of Assorted Droom branded products.

certification service

Certification Services

Technology driven products that enable building trust and convenience while buying an automobile.

Why Droom

  • Wide Selection
  • Low Price
  • 1100 Point Inspection
  • Easy Loan & Insurance
  • Home Delivery
  • Warranty & Return
Why Droom

How Droom Works

receive best
matches details
Token Amount
Select Loan,
Insurance and
Other Services



Droom Trust is a commitment from Droom to provide the best experience to the buyer during the buying process of automobiles with world-class prosperity services. Users can avail benefits such as vast selection, low price, 1100 points inspection, warranty, return, and easy loan & insurance.

The top parameters of four-wheeler inspection are visual and functional assessment, under the hood, vehicle exterior, wheel assembly, vehicle interior engine, transmission, axles, and exhaust.  The top parameters for two-wheeler inspection are tires & wheels, L-lights & electrics, vehicle c-controls, vehicle stands.

Buyer surety is an extended warranty given to the buyer of a used vehicle for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. The total amount covered for two-wheelers and four-wheelers varies and depends on the category. The maximum claim (eligible) for two-wheelers is 20 lacs, while for four-wheelers the maximum eligible claim is 50 lacs.

At the time of requirement creation, the buyer can opt for a loan and insurance, and post-payment of the token amount the buyer will start receiving the best quotes to choose from. Buyer can also apply for loan and insurance post token amount and also from “My Order” section.

Token Amount is the 2% - 3% (Depending upon the category) of the final selling price that is paid as advance money by the buyer on Droom’s online platform. Rest 98% - 97% of the final selling price is paid directly to the seller (100% Final selling price = 2% Token Amount + 98% final value payment). It is fully refundable, no questions asked, under Buyer Protection. Once buyer pays the token amount the listing gets deactivated and buyer can meet the seller to test drive and inspect the vehicle before closing the transaction. In case of order cancellation token amount is processed within 5 business days.

To know more click Token Amount by category

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auctions”. “Fixed Price” allows you to buy at a fixed price while “Best Offer” allows room for negotiation. “Auctions” allows buyers to bid on vehicles, which are subsequently sold to the highest bidder.

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auction”. Fixed Price is the traditional way to sell something with a fixed price tag. The seller decides a listing price for his listed item and then you will have to make the deal at the fixed price only.

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auction”. Best Offer is an innovative way to check market sentiments. This gives you as a buyer, an option to make an offer for a listed item. A particular buyer can make up to 5 offers against one listing.

Best Offer is an innovative concept to sell and buy. Under Best Offer, you can make up to 5 offers for a particular item. The Seller has the right to accept or reject any offer made by a buyer without any further clarification.

There is no minimum restriction on the start price to place a best offer. It completely depends on buyer’s understanding of the product and market. A buyer can make up to 5 best offers against a particular listing, beyond which he or she will not be eligible to make any offer against that item.

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auction”. Auction allows buyers to bid on listed vehicles, wherein the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder. This allows buyers to score unique deals at unique prices. A registered buyer can make unlimited number of bids. As of now, the “auction” option is only available on the droom.in website.

At Droom, when a buyer makes the payment of token amount for a product, the entire fees is covered under our Buyer Protection program. Droom’s Buyer Protection allows buyers to be eligible for full refund of the token amount, no questions asked.

Yes, you can contact the seller using Droom’s app once you commit to buy a particular item. Droom believes in transparency and trust and hence we hide seller’s personal details from the listings but as soon as you pay token amount, all the vital information of the seller will be mailed to you and can be checked in the “My Account” section.

Droom is a technology driven platform and allows user(s) to search for an item via entering “Keyword” as make, model, or the year of the vehicle you are looking for. Users can browse our well-defined and categorized catalogue as per the preference. The Droom app and website also enable users to make further refinement in the results set via a vast selection of filters and sorting.

My account is your personalized section on all Droom's Platforms-Website and Mobile Apps(Android and iOS). Via “My Account” you can check your watchlist, update profile, purchased items details, committed items/seller details, and much more. Additionally, you can control alerts and notification settings from the “My Account” section.

Watchlist is a powerful tool to help you shortlist items. On every item listed on Droom, you will see a “watchlist” icon on top and you can bookmark this item for future reference or comparison with a simple tap. You can browse your watchlist under “My Account” section.

To update your profile, go to My Account > My Profile section. Now you can update all your personal preferences and information.

A handle is your unique display name for your activities on Droom. For individuals, it can be their name and for professional sellers, it can be name of their business. Users are free to decide any name for handle as long as it is within our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy norms.

Transaction Closure Period is the timeframe within which a seller and buyer needs to meet and close the transaction. If transaction does not complete within this period then it will no longer be covered under Droom Seller and Buyer Protection. Typically, this is between 3-5 days.

We recommend buyers meet sellers within the transaction closure period. If you are unable to meet the seller due to the seller's fault then you are completely covered under Droom’s Buyer Protection. In other cases decision is made by our dispute resolution team.

Droom does not put any restrictions in terms of inter-state buying and selling if the buyer and seller have mutually agreed on the deal. However, please note that the buyer and seller need to ensure all the additional paperwork and documentation is in order.

Ideally, you should be ready to close the transaction within the prescribed Transaction Closure Period with the Final Value Payment (Selling Price minus Token Amount) and documents. However, if you are not ready, you can reach out to the seller and explain your situation. It will be on the sole discretion of the seller whether he is ready to wait or not.

Your Token Amount is fully covered and refundable under Buyer Protection. If the deal does not close due to seller's fault, then you can raise the issue within the transaction closure period and our dispute resolution team will initiate a refund of token amount.

We encourage you to satisfy yourself with the item after you pay token amount and before you make the final value payment during your meeting with the seller. We try our best to maintain honesty in terms of seller disclosures and declaration, but we are not responsible for any wrong representation, omission, and concealing of information by sellers.

Usually, it will take longer to buy a car that has an auto loan. The seller will have to produce an NOC (no objection certificate) from the financial institution. In some cases, the NOC can be provided later on by the seller to the buyer but in most cases, the NOC has to be produced before the transaction is closed. We recommend buyers to work with sellers and proactively find out:

  • If the item has any loan.
  • If the NOC is available with the seller in advance.
  • When will the NOC be available, if not there.


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