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Germ Shield for Automobile | Droom


Protect Your Vehicle for You & Your Family and Ride Germ Free.

Germ Shield for Homes | Droom


Protect Your Home & Stay Safe at Home with Your Family

Germ Shield for Offices | Droom


Create a Environment in Your Office to make You & Your Employee Safety

Germ Shield for Elevators | Droom


Get Your Elevators Germ Free for you and Your Visitors

Accreditation, Approvals and Studies | Droom

Germ Shield vs Disinfectant Services

It's A Coating Unlike Any Other Treatment

Germ Shield Effectiveness Test

  • Considered Food Safe 0 - 30
  • Considered Clean 31 - 200
  • Contaminated 201 - 500
  • High Risk of Infection 501 - 1000
  • Extreme Risk of Infection 1001+

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Opportunity To Own And Run A Germ Shield Store In Your City Generate Rs. 20 Lacs in Revenue and Rs. 10 lacs in profit each year

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Why Germ Shield Franchise?

  • Become part of India’s hottest and tech-driven sanitization service for automobile and facility
  • 65% gross margin (after direct cost) and 50% profit margin (after indirect costs)
  • Under 6 lacs one time upfront investment or under Rs. 21,500 per month rental
  • Leverage your existing investment in facility, labor, and equipment's
  • Break even at 33% of the projected capacity utilization
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