Buyer Tips

Bike Star:


Droom is an amazing marketplace platform. In less than 4 days, Droom sold 3 motorcycles for us, and all transactions closed within 48 hours.


Balaji Motors: 


We participated in Droom’s Heart Throbbing Deal and sold our first motorcycle in under 3 minutes. This was the fastest we ever sold any item listing anywhere online.


Gandhi Motors:

I have been selling used cars for over 10 years, and I tried everything on almost every online website. But nothing compares to Droom. Droom’s platform provides easy and good customer service. Since I signed up as a pro-seller, I've been able to sell more cars than ever before.


Max Marketing: 


I met with the team at Droom and was impressed by their technological capabilities and vision. It is nice to get a virtual showroom, dealership on the Droom platform. We are enjoying working with them,


Raj Dealers:


At first, I was confused about signing up as a pro-seller on Droom, but now I’m happy that I did. Within just a few months I was able to sell 7 used cars. Their marketing tools are effective, and I got the opportunity to reach a wider audience.


Patel Motors:

I got to know about Droom from a friend who is also associated with the company. The customer service that they provide is impressive and I was guided through every step. As a dealer, I’m

getting access to a wide range of potential buyers. I sold my cars at a good price.