Buyer Tips


While Selling on Droom:


Step 1: Onboarding

Visit Droom and create your self-service account called “Store Manager” to manage your online business.

Step 2: Listing Creation

Create a listing of cars you intend to sell and mention their details which include make, model, manufacturing year, price, etc.

Step 3: Reserve Match Request:

Buyers will check your listing and will send a match request for a particular car to reserve it for themselves.

Step 4: Submit the Best Match Detail & Accept or Reject the Best Offer

You can accept or reject a price offer made by the buyer after negotiating as per your priority and requirement. Since you will be contacted by numerous buyers, you will get numerous price offers to choose from.

Step 5: Accept the offer and receive a 3% token amount from the buyer to confirm

A 3% token amount out of the total price will be provided by the selected buyer to book the car for themselves.

Step 6: Close the Deal and Handover keys 

Meet the buyer & receive the remaining 97% at the time of deal closure. Handover the key to the buyer after the completion of a transaction.

Step 7: Receive Token Amount Post Selling Service Fee Deduction 

Droom will pay back the 3% token amount received from the buyer’s end after deducting the selling service fee for the contribution made by them.


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While Buying From Droom:


Step 1: Onboarding

Visit Droom and create your self-service account called “Store Manager” to manage your purchase activities.

Step 2: Choose Our Vehicle

Select your vehicle from the vast variety of car options available. You will be able to customize your car listing result by selecting from the available filters as per your suitability.

Step 3: Reserve Match Request

Send a match request to the seller and reserve your chosen car for yourself.

Step 4: Match Request Accepted 

The match request will be accepted by the seller if your requirements match with their priority.

Step 5: Negotiate With the Seller

Try to negotiate with the seller regarding the mentioned price. The request will be accepted or rejected as per their priority.

Step 6: Make Payment

Pay for the vehicle you have reserved for yourself after acceptance of your request.

Step 7: Receive Order

You will receive your order at the address provided by you.


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