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Smart Tips to Buy Roadside Assistance

Older vehicle bears higher roadside assistance charges

Check the no. of services offered in the roadside assistance package

Consider the vehicle requirement in the roadside assistance package

Read the services and benefits offered in the RSA package carefully

Check the service clauses and terms & conditions carefully

Look for reviews and ratings of the vendor

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Road Side Assistance

Did you know Roadside Assistance is as important as the insurance of your vehicle? It is something that you should avail yourself of as soon as you buy a vehicle. What if you are going on a trip with your family and your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere? What if you are unable to find a garage or a repair shop nearby? If these questions scare you then make sure to avail Roadside Assistance service beforehand. Here we have answered a few important questions that might pop up in your head regarding Roadside Assistance. 

A Roadside Assistance is a 24*7 emergency service that basically assists vehicle owners in case of a vehicle breakdown. Furthermore, the service caters to a number of emergency scenarios like towing, jumpstart, flat tyre, minor repairs, and on-road key lockout, among many others. 

How does Roadside Assistance work?

The first step is to call the service provider at 9650080808 in case you need help. Post this, they will send a service technician to your location as soon as possible. The package that you have opted for includes most of the RSA services. In some exceptional cases, you will have to bear the repair cost.

Advantages of Roadside Assitance Services


A Roadside Assistance service package includes many services. One can choose as per his/her need and budget. However, there are a few services that are the most essential ones among all. The advantages that you can get from a car roadside assistance service include:

  • 24*7 Roadside Assistance in the country.
  • Punctured tyre replacement with stepney on the spot.
  • Jumpstart service 
  • Minor fault repair service
  • Key replacement assistance
  • Service delivery within 30 minutes after receiving the call
  • City route & map guidance
  • Highway services

Factors to consider while buying roadside assitance paakages

The important factors to consider when you are planning to buy an RSA service-

  • Age of the vehicle - Older vehicles bear higher roadside assistance charges
  • Number of services - Always check the number of services offered in the roadside assistance package.
  • Plan your purchase - Do not forget to consider the vehicle requirement in the roadside assistance package.
  • Service & Benefits - Make sure to carefully read the service and benefits offered in the roadside assistance package.
  • Actual Coverage Area - Carefully check the service clauses and terms & conditions
  • Reviews & Ratings: Check the reviews and ratings of the vendors. 

How to book an RSA Service?

  • Select vehicle category & RSA package
  • Complete payment
  • Get an e-copy of the RSA Policy Document
  • Avail hassle-free RSA service

What are the major services under the Roadside Assistance package?

It is always a better option to get the RSA service beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary situations while traveling. Some of the major services offered under the Roadside Assistance service package include :

  • Battery jumpstart service
  • Car towing service
  • Flat tyre fixing service
  • Lockout service
  • Fuel delivery service

How to find a Roadside Assistance near me?

The roadside assist service is readily available for all categories of vehicle be it car roadside assistance or bike roadside assistance. You can directly visit and book roadside assistance service nearby to your location. You can even call the service provider at 9650080808 for the same.

What is towing service?

If you are going on a long drive and your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, then what is the next step that you will take? Not every time you can rely on your vehicle. During such time, you will have to opt for a towing service. This means a towing truck will remove your disabled vehicle from the public to a secure location simply by lifting, dragging, or pulling the vehicle. 

What are the key benefits of a towing service?

Some of the key benefits of opting for a towing service include:

  • You get 24*7 assistance throughout India
  • The vehicle will be towed for free for up to 5 km
  • The faults are fixed by experienced technicians. 
  • Fuel delivery

How to find a towing service near me?

In order to locate a towing service nearby to your location, you have to visit and book towing service for yourself. You can even call the service provider at 9650080808 for the same.


In case you are wondering where you should buy Roadside Assistance services from? Be it a car roadside assistance or a bike roadside assistance service, we have a perfect solution for you. At Droom, we believe that Roadside Assistance is extremely important for our customers. Having said that, we provide Pan India Roadside Assistance service at affordable rates. The main reasons to choose Droom’s Roadside Assistance service include 24*7 roadside assistance throughout India, a dedicated helpdesk for Droom customers, a single point of contact for all breakdown-related issues, and 45 minutes turnaround time. You will also get access to a broad category of services like fuel delivery, punctured tyre replacement, towing service, mechanical breakdown, battery jumpstart, and many more. 


Make a call to the RSA service provider 9650080808 for help and they will send a service technician to your location in minimal time.

Most of the services are included in the package you have opted for, but in some exceptional cases the customer will have to bear the cost of repair.

Eg: If you are out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, the fuel tanker will arrive at your spot free of cost, but you will have to pay for the fuel.

Standalone Companies like Droom, are the service providers who are specialized in providing Roadside Assistance services has their own crew and recovery vehicles available 24X7 at strategic locations to reach the breakdown vehicle in given time.

The Roadside Assistance is readily available for almost all categories of vehicles. You can either surf online, check marketplaces like Droom or directly visit

Most of the service providers offer 2 services and it can be a greater number of times.

If the repair is minor, it will be repaired at the roadside or else the vehicle will be taken to the service center.

Yes, but the customer will have to share the registration number of the vehicle for which the service is purchased.

Roadside Assistance Program is available across all parts of India. However, certain packages are customized for some limited locations. Check the list of all serviceable locations on the service detail page.

No, the Roadside Assistance is meant for private vehicles only.

Most of the service providers hesitate to offer cover to aged vehicle above seven years, but it depends on each service provider.