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Why buy Vehicle Insurance from Droom?

Doubts regarding vehicle insurance? Droom will help you getting the best insurance policy with best premium that perfectly suits your needs. Vehicle Insurance is a mandatory policy that any vehicle owner needs to opt, so do not have any mistake choosing the right one. Whenever you decide to purchase your own vehicle and start running it on roads, you have to have a motor insurance done for it. Vehicle Insurance policy is one of the important and necessary documents for all vehicle owner. It will provide protection to the vehicle owner, insured vehicle and third party vehicle and person, for sure.

Types of Vehicle Insurance

Third-Party Insurance

Third-party insurance covers the bodily injuries, losses or damages caused to any third-party person or vehicle by the insured vehicle

Standalone OD Insurance

Standalone Own Damage covers new cars, used cars as well as two-wheelers to get coverage against damages due to theft or any other reason

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance policy offers damages to the insured vehicle as well as the third-party liabilities

Zero Dep Insurance

Zero depreciation insurance offers a complete coverage without factoring in the depreciation


  • Be it a damage to your vehicle or to you or to third party vehicle or a person
  • Be it a loss due to natural or man-made calamities
  • Be it physical damage, crush, clash or even scratch to the insured vehicle or to any other vehicle by the insured vehicle
  • Be it a physical damage, bodily injury or death to any person by the insured vehicle

In any of these situations, a motor insurance will be your strongest support, that will not only help you financially, but also provide you security and peace of mind.

  • Two-Wheeler Insurance

    Two-wheeler insurance is a type of auto insurance, which is especially designed for the motors that run on two wheels, which can be a scooter, scooty, bike, super bike or anything else. The most important part of a two-wheeler motor insurance is that it is mandatory to have in India.

  • Four-Wheeler Insurance

    Four-wheeler insurance is a type of auto insurance, which is particularly for the four-wheeler motors. It can be commercial or personal car, but make sure that you have a car insurance done at least the third-party insurance, as it is compulsory in India.

There are certain factors that contribute in lowering or increasing the motor insurance premiums:

  • Geographical location and population density
  • Age, gender, marital status and driving record of vehicle owner
  • Claim history
  • Previous insurance coverage
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle usage – whether personal or business usage
  • Miles driven annually
  • Coverages opted for
  • Third-party bodily injury liability - If anyone else gets hurt or meets an accident by the insured vehicle, then the part of liability coverage pays for the medical bills of the third-party person.
  • Third-party property damage liability – If anyone’s vehicle or other property gets damaged by the insured vehicle, then the part of liability coverage pays the compensation or the cost of property.
  • Personal injury protection – If the insured vehicle meets an accident, then the car owner/driver and the other passengers’ medical expenses will be covered.
  • Comprehensive protection – Even if you are not driving the vehicle on road, yet if the insured vehicle gets damaged, it will be compensated.
  • Collision protection – If the insured vehicle meets an accident, then irrespective of the fact that who is faulty, the entire protection to the vehicle will be provided.

Zero depreciation, zero dep., bumper to bumper, or nil depreciation motor insurance is one and the same type of car insurance policy that do not consider the depreciation, thus ensuring a complete cover. The insurance company will be liable to bear the entire cost of the body part for replacement.

While renewing an expired car insurance policy, it will depend whether you will get No Claim Bonus from previous year insurance policy or not. If you haven’t claim anything during the last year car insurance and have tackled the small repairs from your pocket, then positively you will get the No Claim Bonus in the new car insurance policy during renewal. But, in case you have claimed anything too small or too big, you will no longer be eligible for NCB.

IDV stands for Insured Declared Value, which is the maximum Sum Insured Amount that can be claimed from your car insurance policy. One should be aware of IDV to keep a track of depreciation rates for fixing Insured Declared Value.

The main factor affecting the IDV is the age of the vehicle. The wear and tear and the age of the vehicle influences the depreciation of the car, which actually starts from the very moment you drive your car out of the showroom.

Ideally, there should not be a single day where you do not have your car insurance live. You should be ready with your new car insurance policy a day before it expires. But even if you have forgotten and you want to renew your expired policy, just provide vehicle and personal information, insurance experts will contact you, select the policy and make payment, and your policy document will be delivered to you.

Yes, the age of the vehicle is inversely proportional to the cost of insurance. If the age of the vehicle is more the cost of insurance is less and vice versa. However, the make, model and trim of the vehicle impact the premium amount of the motor insurance.

When the repair cost of the vehicle reaches or crosses the limit of 75% of any vehicle’s IDV (Insured Declared Value), the insurance company scraps the vehicle and pays the entire amount of the vehicle value.

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