Buyer Tips

1. What is Droom?

With the presence of over 21.8k dealers, an extensive selection of over 250K automobiles, and over 10 million individual sellers in 1,100 cities across India, Droom is India's largest online automobile platform and among the largest E-commerce companies. Droom harnesses technology, data science, AI, and IoT driven ecosystem of products and services to lead a steady transformation of the online automobile sphere with trust, reliability, and convenience.

2. How Droom Works?

For a Buyer, the Journey is as follows:

  • Explore the Vehicle
  • Pay 2-3% Token Amount
  • See the Vehicle
  • Confirm Your Choice
  • Pay the Remaining 97-98%
  • Own Your Dream Vehicle

3. Why Droom?

Droom ensures the best of service via:
Wide Selection
Low Price
Home Delivery
Easy Loan & Insurance
1100+ Inspection Points
Warranty & returns

4. How Droom Builds Trust?
Buyer Trust is the ultimate aim of Droom and to achieve that, We Offer:

  • Independent, Objective and Unbiased Pricing by OBV
  • Vehicle Historical Records by Droom History
  • Certified Vehicles with 1,100 Rigorous Inspection Points by ECO
  • Droom Buyer Protection: Hassle-Free Return, 6 Months Warranty with upto ₹ 50 Lacs Coverage and OBV Buyback

How to Get the Best Vehicle from Droom?

By checking the history, price and condition of the vehicle before purchasing/selling, you can get the best vehicles from Droom. To check them via:
OBV: A tool for checking the price of a vehicle before buying/selling.
ECO: Your trusted Vehicle Inspection tool.
History: A tool to showcase the elaborated history including flood damage in just 10 secs.

6. Does Droom Sell New Vehicles Too?

Yes, Droom has the availability of old & new vehicles. Droom is your one-stop destination for all the vehicle needs.

7. Does Droom Sell EV Vehicles Too?

Yes, Droom has the availability of 613 Electric Cars listed for sale in India at starting price of Rs.1,20,000. All Electric Cars come with a full circle trust score.

8. Can I Get Parts or Accessories at Droom?

Yes, Autoparts and accessories are available on Droom- your one stop solution for all the auto needs to save additionally on autoparts and accessories. 

9. Does Droom Offer Discounts and Promotions?

Yes, Droom offers various discounts and promotions on products and services across the website to benefit the customers.

10. How Can I Get Assistance?

To get assistance related to the desired products/services, click on the "contact us on whatsapp" icon on the top right corner of the home page. You can also send in your queries by filling up the contact us form.

11. How Do I Decide Which Vehicle is Best for Me? 

You can now decide the best vehicle for you in few simple steps:
Create a requirement of the car by choosing from the following categories: 
i. Old or New 
Ii. Colour 
Iii. Make Model Body Type eg: SUV, Sedan etc
Select the vehicle of your choice from the wide range shared

12. Why Should I Buy Online?
Buying an automobile can be a lot more convenient, providing you with a wider variety to choose from and time-saving.

13. How Used Vehicle Pricing is Done?

Any buyer can get a fair market price in a few seconds via Droom's OBV- A data science driven, algorithmic pricing engine that can help a buyer in finding the right price of the vehicle.

14. How to Get an Idea about the Exact Condition of a Used Vehicle?

A buyer can get the vehicle's condition by getting it inspected by the handpicked best certified technicians. He/she can get complete transparency, visibility with exhaustive checkpoints and get faulty parts repair estimates, with the help of ECO Inspection.

15. How to Know Used Vehicle History?

A Buyer can find the history of any vehicle in just 10 seconds using History which is India's largest national repository for vehicle history that offers used history reports for nearly 200 million of the total 220 million registered vehicles in India. History report provides overall information about a vehicle's background, covering up to 50 different history records at just Rs.129/-

16. How Can I Get Insurance?

For any Insurance related assistance, follow these simple steps:
Click "Insure Now"
Fill-in Your Details in the Pop-Up and We Will Get Back to You

17. How can I Renew my Insurance?

For any Insurance related assistance, follow these simple steps:
Click "Insure Now"
Fill-in Your Details in the Pop-Up and We Will Get Back to You

18. Why RSA?

RSA- Roadside Assistance is the answer to all your last-minute auto-needs:
24*7 Roadside Assistance in the country
Punctured tyre replacement with stepney on the spot
Jumpstart service
Minor fault repair service
Key replacement assistance
Service delivery within 30 minutes after receiving the call
City route & map guidance
Highway services

19. What is Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is an additional warranty that you can purchase while you buy your desired vehicle. There are various options for used vehicle warranty and all the credit for the same goes to the growing demand for used vehicles in India.

20. Why Extend Vehicle Warranty?

Below are the top 7 benefits of Extending Vehicle Warranty:
Get Extended Coverage
Peace of Mind with Assured Safety
Save Huge on Expensive Repairs
It Covers Crucial Auto Parts Too
Helps Getting Greater Resale Value
Coverage Options
Reliable Customer Service

21. How Can I Get a Loan?

Getting Loan at Droom is Easy:

  • Apply for Droom Credit
  • Get Loan Decision in 30 Secs
  • Upload Required Documents
  • Get Your Loan Disbursed Without Any Signature or Documents

22. How Can I Refinance my Loan and Lower my EMI?

You can Easily Refinance Your Loan and Lower Your EMI in the Following Steps:
Fill in the basic information about your Aadhar card, PAN card, office, home, and family details.
The system generates your credit report for free.
Check out the various lender sources and their respective used car loan interest rates which are generated for your Credit Report.
Once you decide on the lender, the next is the documentation part wherein you have to upload documents such as salary slips for the last 6 months, Aadhar card, Bank statement, etc.
The lender connects with you to disburse your loan.

23. What are the Best Offers on Vehicles?

Currently, the best ongoing offers are:
Used Cars - Up to Rs.50,000 Off
New Cars - Up to 30,000 Cashback
Bikes - Up to Rs. 20,000 Off
Scooter - Up to Rs.1500 Off
Merchandises: Up to70% Off
EV - Rs.1500 Cashback + Free Helmet
Accessories & AP - Flat Rs.1000 Off

24. What is Buyer Surety?

Buyer surety is an extended warranty given to the buyer of a used vehicle for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. The total amount covered for two-wheelers and four-wheelers vary and depend on the category. The maximum claim (eligible) for two wheelers is 20 lacs, while for four-wheelers the maximum eligible claim is 50 lacs. Refer to the Terms and conditions for detailed breakdown of the parts covered under buyer surety.

25. What is Concierge Service?

A concierge service is a complete vehicle buying service guide that handles every part of the buying process for the buyer including:
Personalized Negotiations
Dedicated Auto Experts VIP Assistance for 30 Days
Assistance in Loan Approval
Free Certified Vehicle Package
Special Vehicle Delivery Experience
Roadside Assistance
RTO (RC Transfer) Assistance
Insurance Assistance

26. Can I Get a Car Delivered to Me?

Yes, Flatbed delivery service by Droom allows for easy delivery of the booked vehicle at the buyer’s doorstep or preferred delivery location. This service promises a delightful and convenient delivery experience of your dream vehicle from the comfort of your home.

27. What is QuickSell?

Quick sell is a fast and quick vehicle selling platform wherein, you can:
Provide Vehicle Details & Create a Listing
Activate Listing & Monitor Live Auction
Choose the Highest Bidder & Get Paid

28. What is an Auction?

Through our Droom Auction pricing format, it allows buying and selling of automobiles using a bidding process wherein the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder. By providing this trading mechanism, we allow buyers to buy vehicles at unique prices. Droom Auction specifies the minimum bid value and the minimum bid increment value. The highest bidder is obligated to buy the vehicle and can meet the seller to close the deal.

29. Can I Exchange my Existing Vehicle?

Yes, Droom also allows you to exchange your vehicle with your dream vehicle. With Droom you can even find the best exchange value for your vehicle

30. What is Token Amount?

Token Amount is the 2% - 3% (Depending upon the category) of the final selling price that is paid as advance money by the buyer on Droom’s online platform. Rest 98% - 97% of the final selling price is paid directly to the seller (100% Final selling price = 2% Token Amount + 98% final value payment). It is fully refundable, no questions asked, under Buyer Protection. Once the buyer pays the token amount the listing gets deactivated, and the buyer can meet the seller to test drive and inspect the vehicle before closing the transaction. In the case of order cancellation, the token amount is processed within 5 business days.

31. What if I Do not Like the Vehicle after I Pay the Token Amount?

The Token Amount for buyer is fully refundable (no questions asked) and covered under Droom Buyer Protection in all the cases until or unless the transaction is not completed. The refund is initiated within 5 business days after the cancellation of the order. After 5 business days, the initiation of refund shall vary on a case-to-case basis solely based on Droom's discretion and decision of Droom shall be final and binding.

32. How is Droom Different from Automobile Dealerships or Other Business Models?

Droom is an e-commerce platform for automobile buying and selling where authorized dealers and sellers are listed on the website and buyers.

33. Used vs New - Which One is Better?

When deciding whether to buy a new or used automobile, there are several factors to consider:
 Price: Used cars are generally less expensive than new cars, but the price can vary depending on the make, model, year, and condition of the car.
Depreciation: New cars typically depreciate more quickly than used cars, which means that a used car may hold its value better over time.
Maintenance and repairs: A new car is less likely to require maintenance and repairs in the short term, but over time, it may require expensive repairs that are not covered by warranty.
Features: New cars often come with the latest features and technology, while older used cars may not have these features.

34. With Loan vs Without loan - Which Way to Buy an Automobile is Better?

Buying with a Loan:
Allows you to spread out the automobile's cost over time, making it more affordable in the short term.
Can help you build credit if you make your loan payments on time.
Buying without a Loan:
Allows you to own the automobile outright, without making monthly payments or paying interest.
Can give you more negotiating power with the seller, as you'll be paying in cash.

35. Buy vs Lease - What Should be Done while Thinking about Taking a Car?

When deciding whether to buy or lease an automobile, there are several factors to consider:
Ownership: When you buy a car, you own it outright and can keep it as long as you want.
Cost: Over time, buying a car may be less expensive than leasing, as you won't have to make monthly lease payments and can keep the car for as long as you want.
Lower monthly payments: Lease payments are typically lower than monthly loan payments, which can make leasing more affordable in the short term.
Fewer maintenance costs: When you lease a car, it's usually still under warranty, so you won't have to pay for any major repairs during the lease term.

36. Automatic Car vs Manual - Which Car is Better?

The main difference between an automatic car and a manual car is that a manual has three pedals – the brake, the accelerator, and the clutch. The driver presses the clutch while manually changing gears using the gearbox. Automatic cars change gears on their own.

37. Diesel vs Petrol vs CNG vs ev vs Hybrid - Why is the Efficiency of Vehicles Different?

Diesel: Diesel engines are known for their efficiency and durability. They typically get better fuel economy than petrol engines, and are often preferred for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs.
Petrol (Gasoline): Petrol engines are the most common type of engine used in automobiles. They are known for their smooth and quiet operation, and are often preferred for smaller cars and sporty vehicles.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): CNG is a cleaner-burning alternative to petrol and diesel, and is often used in fleet vehicles and public transportation. CNG engines emit fewer pollutants than petrol and diesel engines and can provide cost savings over time.
Electric Vehicle (EV): EVs use electric motors and batteries to power the vehicle, and produce zero emissions while driving.
Hybrid: Hybrid vehicles use both an internal combustion engine (usually petrol) and an electric motor to power the vehicle. This allows for better fuel economy than a conventional petrol engine, and can also provide some of the benefits of an EV, such as regenerative braking.

38. Hatch Vs Sedan - How Can I Decide Which Car Would be More Suitable?

When it comes to choosing between a hatchback and a sedan, there are a few key factors to consider:
More cargo space: A hatchback typically has more cargo space than a sedan due to its rear hatch, which can be more versatile for carrying larger or bulkier items.
Better visibility: A hatchback often has better rearward visibility than a sedan, as the rear window is typically larger and less obstructed.
More passenger space: A sedan often has more passenger space, including more legroom in the back seat, making it a better choice for families or long road trips.
More refined: A sedan typically has a more refined appearance, with a sleeker roofline and cleaner lines, which can be more visually appealing for some buyers.

39. Sedan Vs Suv - What Can be Deciding Factors?

When deciding between a sedan and an SUV, here are some factors to consider:
Better fuel efficiency: Sedans often have better fuel efficiency than SUVs due to their smaller size and lighter weight, which can result in lower gas costs over time.
More affordable: Sedans typically cost less than SUVs, both in terms of the initial purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.
More space: SUVs generally have more passenger and cargo space than sedans, making them a good choice for families or anyone who needs to carry large or bulky items.
Better visibility: SUVs often have a higher driving position and more glass area, providing better visibility and a sense of safety on the road.

40. India vs Korean vs Japanese vs German vs American - Which Cars are more Popular?

India: Some popular automobile brands from India include Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Maruti Suzuki. These brands are known for their affordability and value, and are often preferred for their fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.
Korea: Popular automobile brands from Korea include Hyundai and Kia. These brands are known for their reliability, quality, and affordability. They are often preferred for their advanced technology and features, as well as their stylish design.
Japan: Popular automobile brands from Japan include Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. These brands are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and quality. They are often preferred for their advanced safety features and innovative technology.
Germany: Popular automobile brands from Germany include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. These brands are known for their luxury, performance, and engineering. They are often preferred for their advanced technology, high-end features, and precision engineering.
United States: Popular automobile brands from the United States include Ford, General Motors, and Tesla. These brands are known for their innovation, power, and versatility. They are often preferred for their advanced features, such as infotainment systems, and their ruggedness for off-road driving.

41. What if I Have any Issue in the Future?

In case of any required assistance, buyers can contact us through multiple channels.
Call us on: 9650080808
Connect on whatsapp: +91-9643242126
Write to us:

42. Can I Test Drive a Car Before Buying?

Droom offers ECO inspection service to inform the buyer about the in and out condition of the car by conducting inspection across 1100+ checkpoints so you bid adieu to test drive once and forever.

43. I Need a Specific State or City Number for My Car, How Do I Ensure?

You can get a specific state or city number, provided you submit the local residency documents to the respective RTO. Also, if there is a transfer of state you will have to get the NOC from the previous state and pay the extra road tax to the transferring state.

44. Who Takes Care of RC Transfer?

The Regional Transport Office takes care of RC Transfer. However, RC can only be transferred only after the provision of relevant documents.

45. Can I Sell my Car at Droom?

Yes, you can sell your car at Droom as an individual seller or as a dealer. To know about the detailed process visit

46. Does Droom Offer Buyback if I Buy a Car from Droom?

Yes, Droom offers Buyback on the cars purchased from Droom. OBV Buyback Guarantee is a program offered by Droom to assure the buyers that 3 years from now they will be able to sell the car to Droom’s dealers at buyback price. If the Droom dealer is unable to buy, Droom will buy the vehicle.

47. What is Certification?

Droom Certification offers an independent pricing, condition, and history certification report of vehicles. It is based on Droom’s proprietary tools ECO, OBV and History.

48. Can I Buy a New Vehicle from Droom?

Yes, You can buy a new vehicle from Droom.

49. Why Should I Buy a New Vehicle at Droom?

Droom is a technology and data science-driven company that facilitates automobile buying and selling online. So, for every stage of the new vehicle buying experience, Droom has the right set of tools for the buyers.
Calculate Total Cost of Ownership of a vehicle for 5 years based on insurance cost, fuel cost, service cost, tyre change cost, and depreciation.
Calculate the affordability of purchasing a vehicle based on your monthly income and expenditure.
Calculate the EMI of the vehicle loan before you apply for one.
Choose a suitable car as per Droom Suggest based on category, budget, city, purpose, and family size.
Every transaction on Droom is covered by Droom Buyer Protection and offers up to 50 Lacs Buyer Surety. If you are looking for the best vehicles to buy, Droom is the best platform for you.

50. Can I Take out Loans and Insurance from Outside?

It is not recommended to take loan and insurance from a non-trusted partner since it can lead to a higher interest percentage and much less coverage in comparison to a trusted service provider. Visit Droom today for any loan and insurance associated assistance.