Buyer Tips


  1. I got to know about Droom when I started looking at all the options in the market to buy a used bike in Bangalore. I found the Droom portal very intuitive and user-friendly and it showed me many options for my desired bike.

       - Abhinav Parashar


  1. Hi, I am Lalit Kumar Jain from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am here to share my overall experience with Droom is India’s first and largest online place to buy and sell used vehicles and its the best Motor place. I have been using Droom since 2018 and my first purchase was the branded helmet for just Rs. 99.

       - Lalit Kumar


  1. I am Ravi Verma, I was in need of a pre owned two-wheeler and exploring for the same online. I came to know about Droom from google advertisement, and downloaded the Droom app for its good reviews.

       - Ravi Verma


  1. Hey my name is Shyam Muluk, I have been searching for a used two-wheeler for the last few months, in many more days till I get connected to Droom, so peace full experience that I’ve never felt ever.

       - Shyam Muluk


  1. I bought my car from Droom, and the process was easy. This was my first time buying any vehicle so I wasn’t aware about the complete process but I got full details about my car before buying it.

       - Ajay Mehta


  1. I recently bought a used Grand i20 Sports car from Droom, and I was quite satisfied with the good condition of the car. The price was also according to my budget.

       - Mohit Singh


  1. My experience of buying a scooty at Droom was supernice. The employee that contacted me over my query was really a polite guy and handled the whole buying process seamlessly. I am satisfied with my purchase.

       - Pankaj