Buyer Tips

E-commerce is an online platform created for all business providers who intend to reach a large scale of audience with the purpose of growing their online presence rapidly.

Droom provides you with the benefit of having your own self-service account called “Store Manager” which enables you to manage your online business with ease since you receive only qualified leads. The highlight of creating your account on Droom is that you get to upload a listing for free. You also get to access advanced business analytics, track the rating and reviews of your vehicle, track your billings and payments, get training, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Here are some of the highlights which talk about why E-commerce is important and what Droom as an E-commerce platform provides to its dealers:

  1. Biggest opportunity for 21st Century

  2. Only 1% of automobiles are transacted online but it will be 6% by 2028

  3. $30Bn/INR 2.4 Lacs crores opportunity by 2028

  4. Business open 24/7 and 365 Days

  5. Pan India presence and not just 30 km radius

  6. Reach crores of serious online shoppers

  7. Manage your E-Commerce business anytime, anywhere using any device

  8. No commitment for rental, employees, inventory,  parking, travel, electricity etc.

  9. Simple, self-service and easy-to-manage tools

  10. Low cost, high scale and unlimited upside

  11. Benefit from economy scale and combined strength of lacs of sellers

  12. Highly profitable and scaleable channel

E-commerce can never fail to grow and will only flourish in the coming years in this digital era since this platform provides the benefit of every service available at one stop with a variety of options to select from and Droom excels here.