Why QuickSell is Preferred by Dealers

QuickSell allows any individual, enterprise, new vehicle dealer, repos and leasing companies to sell used vehicles to auto dealers along with certification service from droom under auction

Get Only Droom Certified Vehicles
Conflict Free Pricing
Pay Only What a Seller is Willing to Sell At What No Middlemen Margin
Exclusive Access of Massive Inventory From Serious Sellers
Fully Transparent
Dealer Financing
Up to 25% Cheaper Than Market Price
Easy Auctions or Use Fixed Price or Best Offer to Buy
Sell on Droom for Up to 15% Upside
Only Pay Refundable Token Amount of Under 5% Without Seeing The Vehicle
Auctions for Two Wheelers
Pricing Certificate with No Conflict of Interest

Quick Steps to Sell Your Vehicle

  • Inspect
  • list
  • Auction
  • Get Paid

Still Have Questions?We've Got Them All Answered

Quicksell is an auction-based highly efficient trading platform which allows an individual, sellers and repos to use Droom services to sell to 3 Lakh Droom certified auto dealers and millions of shoppers who visit every month. Quicksell allows to create a listing from the comfort of home, offers independent, unbiased and objective certification for pricing & vehicle history and runs a highly transparent auction which avoids middlemen margin and helps you get paid quickly.
Just give us your basic details and schedule a free door-step inspection. An inspector will visit you and start inspecting your vehicle. After the vehicle is thoroughly inspected, it is now listed on Droom's QuickSell marketplace with vehicle details, pricing, history, and condition reports. We now run a Live online auction on your vehicle wherein our 3 Lakh verified buyers start bidding. All you must do is choose the highest bidder, meet him and receive payment.
In case you don't get your preferred price in the first auction, we run 2 more auctions for you. What if even that doesn't suffice? Take heart. You can sell your vehicle either on Best Offer, negotiating with a potential buyer or on Fixed Price, quoting a price for your vehicle.
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