why Droom is preferred by
individual Sellers ?

  • Zero Charges
    when you sell
  • Reach 20k Verified &
    Committed Dealers
  • Sell Online from
    anywhere any time
  • Fair Pricing with
    No Middleman or
    Low Ball Offers
  • Completely
    Transparent &
    Unbiased Process
  • Paperwork,
    RTO & Delivery
    by Droom
Sell your car online | Quicksell

How to sell a vehicle with Quicksell ?

Sell your car online | Quicksell

Things to consider while selling your car online

Did you know that 50 percent of the customers sell old car while buying a new one? We are aware that selling a car has never been an easy process. It involves multiple negotiations, extensive documentation, delayed payments, endless wait for RC transfer, last minute buyer back-offs, and no guarantee of best valuation of car. Besides these, it is also a daunting task to find a verified buyer.

Worry not! We have a solution for your problem. Now you can sell your car online with QuickSell. You must be wondering, what this QuickSell is? Here we have answered a few questions that might pop up in your mind in regards to QuickSell. .

Quicksell basically allows any individual, enterprise, vehicle dealer, repose & leasing company to sell used car to auto dealers along with certification services from Droom under auction format.

  • Exclusive dealer-only inventory.
  • Priced 25 percent below market price
  • Certified and inspected vehicles
  • Pay only after physically seeing the vehicle.
  • Create express listing under Quicksell at ‘Sell’ at Droom
  • Droom schedules inspection at the doorstep
  • Detailed Quicksell listing goes live with Certification package under option
  • Registered auto dealers at Droom bid for the auction
  • The highest auction bidder pays a 3 percent token amount
  • Dealer meets seller and pays the remaining 97 percent amount and takes the keys.
  • Create customized alerts
  • Bid for vehicles
  • Win auction
  • Pay a 3 percent token amount
  • Also, pay a 2 percent refundable Quicksell procurement deposit
  • Meet the seller, reassure, and pay the remaining 97 percent amount
  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Leasing companies/repos
  • Individual sellers
  • Enterprise
  • Banks/NBFCs/Finance/Insurance companies
  • Auto dealers at Droom
  • Inspect: Give your details and schedule a doorstep inspection
  • List: Set desired price and get your vehicle listed
  • Auction: Monitor live online auction on your vehicle
  • Get payment: Choose the highest bidder & get the payment
  • Sell from the comfort of your home or work
  • Vehicle gets certified by Droom which is independent, objective, and unbiased
  • Know the benchmark price from India’s most trusted pricing engine
  • No worry about RTO or post-transaction
  • Complete transparent and respectful experience
  • Get only Droom-certified vehicles
  • Pay only what a seller is willing to sell at with no middleman margin
  • Conflict free pricing
  • Exclusive access to massive inventory from serious sellers
  • Dealer financing
  • Fully transparent
  • Zero charges when you sell car.
  • Sell car online from anywhere, anytime.
  • Fair Pricing with no middleman or lowball offer
  • Completely transparent and unbiased offer
  • Paperwork, RTO, and Delivery by Droom
  • Check vehicle value: Check the Fair Market Value of the vehicle through an AI-based pricing engine that is independent, unbiased, & objective, before selling it.
  • Check vehicle history: Check the history report of the vehicle before selling it.
  • Get vehicle inspected: Get an inspection report before selling a vehicle to reveal its real-time condition.