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Fixed Price

Fixed Price is the traditional way to sell and buy the vehicle or service with a fixed price tag. It is a pricing format that allows the buyer to buy the listing at a fixed price.

Seller will quote a price for a vehicle and fix it. This is the simplest way to make a purchase at Droom without any hassles.

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Best Offers

Best offer pricing format allows sellers and buyers to negotiate on price and land onto one, which is best for both. Buyer(s) can make a maximum of five price-based offers against one listing without paying token amount.The seller may select or reject any of the offers. The listing is pulled off from the marketplace after the seller accepts an offer.

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Droom Auction

Auction allows buyers to bid on listed vehicles, wherein the the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder. This allows buyers to score best deals at unique prices. A registered buyer can make unlimited number of bids.

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A. Click on “Create New listing” to create a quick listing. During the process of listing your vehicle, you can choose to sell using all the three selling formats- Fixed Price, Auction and Best Offer. Post this, you need to click on “Activate” to list your vehicle. Once listed, you can choose to view the details of the listing using My Quicksell Requests within My Account/Storemanager.
A. Only Droom’s Prosellers (Auto Dealers) can buy from Quicksell.
A. Log in to your Storemanager account. On the navigation pane, click on “My Quicksell Marketplace” and view all quick-selling listings. Click on “View” to see each listing. You can choose to buy using the selling format in which the vehicle is listed.
A. Yes, you can click on “Preferences” under Quicksell in Storemanager. You can choose individual fields or a combination of various fields. Based on these preferences, you will see the listings in “Quicksell Marketplace” and get notifications as messages and email.
A. Click on “My Quicksell listings”. You can view the offers on your listings by clicking on “View Listing” for your listing.
A. Click on “My Quicksell Responses” to view your offers and bids.