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Droom AI Lab

Droom AI lab is the core of innovations at Droom. With a team of advanced researchers, it has delivered products like License Plate Scanner that combines AI and disparate data sources to generate the entire history of the vehicle ranging from specs to insurance, accidental history and traffic violations. Vehicle Scanner identifies the make and model of the vehicle with a single image of the automobile and generates exhaustive information that any consumer would ever want to know for any buy/sell/trade-in decision making. Team at AI lab is also working on multiple other projects on personalization, recommendation engines, image scanning, damage detection and NLP.

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Droom ECO Lab

ECO lab is the physical manifestation of the technologies and procedures that we use in our day to day operations. From using IOT to access engine health to the most advanced gadgets for physical inspection of a vehicle, we aim to create a de-facto industry standard for used vehicle inspection not only in India but globally. ECO labs focuses on advancements in vehicles inspection is digitizing human knowledge into innovative and unbiased technologies.

ECO Smart Device

IOT enabled ECO Smart Device is a simple plug and play device connected through OBD II port of a vehicle that integrates with the vehicle’s sensors, hardware modules, data transmitters, control units and allows users to track vehicle’s performance, health, and damage factors. The device scans through all the sensors connected through the ECU, a combination of more than checkpoints, and generates the vehicle engine report, enabling a transparent, accurate and robust vehicle inspection.

Droom Dashboard

Droom Dashboard is an AI and data enabled solution that gives a 360-degree report of a vehicle only with the support of scanned picture of its license plate or minimal detail. Anything from specifications and repair estimates to pricing and vehicle statistics is available with a click of a button.

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by ECO Smart Device

Cross Border Dashboard

With global transaction increasing at a rapid pace and logistics scaling up, cross-border transactions of automobiles have become feasible and prominent as well. Droom Cross-Border Dashboard delivers a holistic view of any vehicle available globally and the possibility of trading it at any location. Along with all the information that is enabled by Droom Dashboard.

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Droom Kiosk

Droom Kiosk is a simple but powerful product that enable omnipresence of Droom and its services at multiple locations. It provides a minimalistic yet informative interface to allow quick interaction with our platform. With a simple touch interface, consumers can now get the best of Droom at locations like malls, cafes, etc.

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OBV in 25 Countries

Orange Book Value is a machine learning based pricing engine that generates fair market price for any used vehicle. Currently available in 5 countries and with more than 300 million pricing queries, it is the de-facto standard for used vehicle pricing in India. Coming soon in more than 25 countries.

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Nothing relates to consumers better than something conveyed in the local dialect. Droom is working on a multi-lingual platform that can enable ease of use and better understanding and engagement of our products for our consumers across the globe. Already running in Thailand, vernacular is a game changer for the marketplace.

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My Droom

Personalization at its Best! My Droom is a product that enables consumers to manage their vehicles/requirements right from researching, to financing, to buying and finally disposing in a hassle-free, intuitive and simple manner. By simply entering a few details regarding his vehicle, user can configure personalized experience for insurance payments, refinancing, inspections and buying/selling.

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Droom Fleet Solution

Droom Fleet Solution is an end-to-end solution for bulk buying and bulk selling of used vehicles. It leverages Droom's Ecosystem Tools (Orange Book Value, History, ECO Inspection Tools) to offer value to ride sharing, commercial and government clients with a fleet size of 100 or more vehicles. DFS provides a Peace of Mind package to buy inspected and insured used vehicles at competitive prices.

Droom has helped to expand & manage the fleets of the largest ride-hailing companies, lowering their customer SLAs with our end-to-end fleet solutions, which include bulk-buying, certification services, insurance, financing, registration and quarterly inspection/health check, maintenance, and buyback.

Enterprise Certification Solution

Enterprise Certification Solutions offer the most unique certification services which are provided by our ECO inspection services coupled with algorithmic OBV pricing and vehicle history solutions. These solutions are both one time and recurring and are one of the most in demand solution for Fleet owners and aggregators.

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Droom Pay Later

Droom Pay Later is an algorithm driven payment system that facilitates transactions of ecommerce consumer goods on and off Droom. It runs a high-tech engine in the backend to evaluate consumer credibility and disburses the credit amount instantly – all digital and available 24x7.

Augmented Reality

AR is not only improving the consumer’s driving experience but redefining the way the automobiles are purchased and sold. From life-like experience of the automobile to understanding the features and functions, everything is enabled via AR. Droom is working on cutting-edge products that will enable consumers to experience any used/new vehicle from the confines of their homes/offices and make buying decisions. Solutions that enable consumers to experience the experience from the driver’s seat combined with the vehicle sound and manage customizations.