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Droom Certification Solution

Enterprise Certification Solution

Droom offers a comprehensive range of certification solutions, including ECO inspection, algorithmic OBV pricing and vehicle History. Our solutions can be tailored for one time as well as recurring needs of fleet owners, aggregators, banks, insurers, repose, leasing and auction houses. We leverage data science and machine learning to provide independent, unbiased and objective assessment of used vehicles.

We get 6.3 Mn+ OBV pricing queries every month, have a network of 1,600+ active technicians for inspection, and a database with 200 Mn+ vehicle data points. Droom also offers time-bound and regular interval-based health check-up services.

  • Fleet Packages
  • One Time Certification Services
  • ECO Inspection
  • OBV Pricing
  • History

Components of Certification Service

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What We Offer

Certification Package

Combined Certification Report For OBV, ECO and History-One Time & Recurring Based on Requirements

Fleet Package

One Time/AMC Certification Services

ECO Inspection Certificate

An Independent, Objective, Unbaised, Comprehensive and Scientific Auto Inspection by a Certified ECO Technician

OBV Pricing Certificate

Fair Market Value of Any Used Vehicle by Algorithmic Pricing Engine

History Certificate

Provides Overall Information About a Vehicle’s Background, Covering Up to 50 Different History Records

Health and Hygiene Certification

Provides Score on Vehicle Health, Cleanliness Hygiene and Safety Parameters by 1 Certified Technician

OBD Certification
(IOT Solution)

Engine, Battery and Electrical Parts Health Check Using an IOT Device

Odometer Assurance

Check Probability of Odometer Tampering

Title Certification

Check Authenticity of Vehicle Ownership and Related Documents

Monsoon Certification

Check Vehicle Health on Monsoon Readiness

Check Repair Cost/TCO

Check Repair Cost

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