Droom is Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Droom brings the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your Fingertips, with Features like Accurate Vehicle Price Prediction and Advanced Image Recognition. We Leverage Our Large Volumes of Data Through Deep Learning and Regression Modelling to Enhance your Vehicle Buying/Selling Experience.

Our Core Services

  • OBV Price Prediction

    The OBV Price Prediction Algorithm Uses Machine Learning Models Trained on the Latest Transactional Data Synced with Current Market Trends to Predict the Fair Market Price of a Used Vehicle.

  • License Plate Reader

    The License Plate Scanner Uses Advanced Recognition Algorithms to Read the Characters of a License Plate and Give Information about the Vehicle.

  • Vehicle Image Scanner

    The Vehicle Image Scanner Uses Deep Learning to Predict the Make and Model From the Image of a Vehicle.

Upcoming AI-ML Products at Droom

  • The Droom Search Result are Being Optimized Using Machine Learning to Give Accurate Results To Queries. Read More >
  • The Droom Credit Rating System is Being Enhanced to Accurately Assign Credit Ratings to Buyers Based on their Financial Information Read More >
  • The Vehicle Damage Detection System will be Used by Droom ECO to Predict the Level of Damage and Provide a More Accurate Repair Estimate. Read More >

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