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Droom Marketing Solutions

Increase your brand visibility with Droom - India’s Most Trusted Motorplace for Automobiles and the largest automotive community. By advertising with us, you gain access to highly targeted audience of 48 Mil+ monthly visitors.

Droom is dedicated to solving the pain points during buying and selling of used and new automobiles in India. We are present across platforms including web, Android, and iOS. We offer highly targeted, measurable and effective advertising opportunities for leading brands.

Scale Metrics

48 Mil+

#1 Auto Portal
in Traffic


#1 Auto Portal In
Auto Dealers

11 Mil+

#1 Auto Portal With Focused
Auto Community On FB

$600 Mil+

#1 Auto Portal In Gross

What We Offer

Pre Launch Hype

  • Digital Marketing Solution
  • In App Solutions
  • Co-Op Marketing
  • Brand Placements

Launch/Flash Sale

  • Flash Sale
  • Exclusive Pre Bookings
  • Launch
  • Top of The Page Listings
  • User/Influencer Reviews


  • BTL Branding Via Dealer Network
  • ATL Branding
  • Seller Summits & Awards
  • Print Media
  • Social Media Branding

Distribution Solutions

  • Dealer Connect Across 280k
    Registered Dealers Across India
  • Exclusive Access to Active and
    Top Rated Dealers

Buyback Solution

  • OBV Buyback
  • Exchange Buyback Solutions
  • Complete Pricing Details For Buyback

Lead Solutions

  • Droom Credit For Buyer And
  • Dealer Financing
  • An Ecosystem with 360D
    Marketing Solution
  • Discovery Induction Solution

Droom marketing solutions

  • Highest Quality Auto Focused Traffic Online In India
  • Highly Engaged
  • High Intent To
    Purchase a Vehicle
  • Wide Range Of
    Ad Properties
  • Compelling ROI With Highly Target Audience
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