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Increase your brand visibility with Droom- India’s most trusted motor place for automobiles and the largest automotive community. Through our marketing solutions, you gain access to highly targeted audience of over 36 Million monthly visitors.

Droom has helped millions of enterprises solve their major blockages in managing their business like low sales through marketing and we are dedicated to solving these pain points with ease. Our solutions include Pre-launch Hype, Launch Sale and Flash Sale, Branding, Buyback Solutions, Lead Solutions and more.

Brands that
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  • 12.6 Mn+ Monthly Traffic
  • 287k+ Registered Sellers
  • ~80% Market Share
  • 1095+ Cities
  • 4.5Mn+ Listings
  • $3.5Bn+ Listed GMV
  • 6.5Mn+ FB Community
  • 13.7 Mn App Download
  • $1.1Bn+ Annualized GMV

Digital Solutions

Droom’s marketing solutions for enterprise offers Display Ads as one of its best strategies to achieve maximum leads through CPM & CPC based ads and Launch solutions. Ads and brand names are displayed on the category pages, listing pages, static content pages and as programmatic ads. It helps in directly bringing the audience to your landing page, acquire higher clicks and maximize conversions. Learn More >

Co-Op Marketing

Droom offers various Co-Op marketing strategies. This includes TV, Print, Radio and Outdoor marketing. It enables a direct interaction with dealers, businesses and OEMs on clear business goals.

Lead Solutions

Droom offers services like New vehicle leads, qualified leads and exchange premium to help you acquire not just the maximum leads but also the ones you can vouch upon. A brilliant opportunity to grow your brand exponentially, Droom brings India’s finest and most reliable lead solutions to you.


Through sponsorships Droom aims at maximizing the potential to advertise your brands. Increase your brand visibility through the channels that sponsorships comprise of. These include preferred partner programs and automobile industry research reports.


Droom Partnerships is for brands who aspire to get more visibility by partnering with Droom. These include induction in Discovery and in OBV across multiple formats or on the website or App. Leveraging such partnerships can help in utilizing the reach these services provide and getting benefits of scale and a highly trusting audience. We could also feature your brand videos to a huge audience of 30+ Mn people on a monthly basis.

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Droom for Advertisers

Marketing Solution provides following services:
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Co-Op Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships