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Delhi Government Launches New 'Electric Vehicle Policy'

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  • Published On: 8 August 2020
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CM Arvind Kejriwal announced a subsidy of upto Rs 1.50 Lakhs on the purchase of new electric cars.

New 'Electric Vehicle Policy'
  • New 'Electric Vehicle Policy'


  • Delhi Government to install 200 charging stations in the city
  • Delhi Government to form a dedicated 'EV Cell' for this policy

The government of Delhi-NCT led by CM Arvind Kejriwal launched the 'Electric Vehicle Policy' in order to reduce the rising pollution levels. This move is also aimed at boosting the economy and generating employment in the city. Under the new 'Electric Vehicle Policy', the government will give subsidiy of upto Rs 1.50 Lakhs on the purchase of new electric cars while waiving off the registration fees and road tax. In addition, a financial incentive of upto Rs 30,000 will be provided on the purchase of two-wheelers, autos, e-rickshaws and freight carriers.

The Delhi government will also waive off the interest on commercial electric vehicle loans under this new policy. Addressing a press conference, CM Kejriwal, terming it a 'progressive policy', announced that the government will establish a dedicated 'EV Cell' to implement this electric vehicle policy. It targets to have 25 percent electric vehicles on Delhi roads by 2024 which are currently a mere 0.29 percent. Kejriwal further said, "After launching this policy, we expect five lakh new electric vehicles in next five years... The Delhi government will set up dedicated 'EV Cell' to implement 'electric vehicle policy." The Chief Minister, in his press conference, also stated that a State Electric Vehicle Board' will be set up by the government.

The newly announced electric policy is for the duration of three years and after that the government will review the outcomes of the policy. The government will develop an EV infrastructure in the capital city by installing 200 charging stations in a year to ensure that electric vehicle owners find a charging station within the radius of three kilometers. In addition, the state will also provide 'scrapping incentive' to people who wish to exchange their petrol or diesel powered vehicles for an electric vehicle. Presently, the electric car market is flourishing at a rapid pace with several options for buyers such as Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV, Hyundai Kona Electric and Mahindra Verito Electric.

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Author: Mayank Gupta

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