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Fair Vehicle Price

OBV is India’s first and only algorithmic pricing engine to find out fair market value of any used vehicle under 10 seconds for free. Orange Book Value (OBV) is a simple yet extremely technology and data science based online tool to give users value of a used automobile under 10 seconds. With OBV, you never have to pull a number from hat or guess a used vehicle pricing but a scientific way to know the fair market value. And the best part is OBV is completely free. Since we launched OBV, we have seen 105 Mn+ pricing queries using OBV, 10K+ auto dealers across India adopting it, we have used 75K+ transactions worth approximately 1,500 Crores+ to validate OBV pricing. OBV covers 25K+ products for cars, bikes, scooters, bicycles, and planes. OBV is available at Droom or as destination Website, iOS and Android App, OBV Widget for 3rd party bloggers and a print edition. Download our Android or iOS app for Orange Book Value or visit

Auto Inspection & Verification

ECO offers India’s most scientific and comprehensive way to inspect a used vehicle under 1000+ checkpoints so that you as a buyer do not have to deal with too many unknowns. The ECO auto inspection service is built on Droom’s proprietary auto inspection app. Best part is ECO inspection report is completely independent, objective and unbiased. At a very low price you can buy peace of mind and never have to deal with unknowns. Download our Android app for ECO Inspection or visit

Vehicle History

History is India’s largest national repository for vehicle history with nearly 200 Mn+ of the total 220 Mn+ registered vehicles in India. History is an unbiased report providing overall information about a vehicle’s background. The report helps you to quickly check any vehicle’s history online. The report is generated using Droom’s proprietary technology through vehicle’s registration number. This information is useful for the buyers as well as sellers when choosing one among the wide range of used vehicles. It addresses the issues related to a vehicle’s safety, trust, and value. The details mentioned in the report are crucial while purchasing the vehicle, as used automobile market has a lot of grey areas. It helps buyers in making a more informed decision, while giving security for investment and peace of mind. Download our Android app for History or visit

Take Smart Decisions Using Droom Buying Tools

Automobile buying and selling requires buyers involving in a lot of diligence before transaction e.g. used vs new, Toyota vs. Honda, etc. Droom Discovery offers pre-buying research tools such as - which vehicle is good for you, which vehicle has higher resale value, which vehicle has lower maintenance cost, or which vehicle you can afford based on your income etc.

Take Smart decisions using Droom Discovery Tools. For more details, visit

Auto Loan Decision Online in 30 Sec, 100% Paperless, Affordable Credit Terms

Droom Credit is India's most comprehensive, unbiased and independent way to get instant loans at affordable credit terms. It aims to make loan process easier, instant and paperless. Droom Credit gives freedom to apply for loan anytime, anywhere using any device 24x7. For more details, visit

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