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Things to consider while selling your Car online

Selling a car was never so easy before. Besides the legalities and documentation, many other processes and protocols used to be cumbersome.
Even after you manage to do the paperwork and other protocols, finding a verified buyer was not easy. That is why one of the best options these days is to sell car online, which is why you should consider Droom to sell your used car to verified buyers with good quotes.

We have listed the top 5 things you must consider when you decide to sell a car online.

Market trends go up and down daily. Thus, when you consider selling your car, you must be aware of its real market value to help you find a suitable buyer. Researching a bit on your own or consulting an experienced car trader would get you accurate prices. The parameters usually considered before estimating resale value include model, year, kilometers driven, transmission type, fuel type, and accident history. There may be certain other parameters, but these are the main ones. Also, keep in mind that some brands have higher resale value than others. Therefore, even if your car is not very old, it might get a less resale value than the car that might be older but has a higher resale value.

Before selling your car, you should fix all the minor/ major faults that your car has. Making sure that the car is in a good state would get you better prices and a customer easily. Doing this would help you negotiate well on the car value with the buyer. Another reason why servicing a car before selling is important is that any buyer would like to take a test drive before making the final bid. Faults or defects in the car would make the potential buyer lose interest in it. After the service is done, you can get a service report and inspection report that signifies your car's credibility making sure that your car is good enough to be purchased.

While you sell used car online, visuals would attract potential buyers. If you do not know how to take professional-looking pictures, take help. You do not even need to do this independently, as Droom helps you as they reach the destination to help their customers. Droom is one such platform that offers the best services to its customers.

Sellers should always transfer all the necessary documents to the buyer, including the car's insurance policy. This would bind their trust. Getting all the documents is the buyer's right and one of the necessary legal necessities that the seller must do before they sell the old car.

No legal work is done without proper paperwork. So, before you decide if or not to sell my car, make a list of all the documents needed at the time of selling the car. The documents include Registration Certificate (RC), Regional Transport Office Tax Details (RTO), document service history, NOC, and pollution emission certificate.

If you decide to sell your car online, Droom is the right place for you! With Droom, anyone can sell cars from anywhere.

We at Droom offer sellers two selling options: sell from home or sell as a pro seller. Selling on Droom is very easy and can be done in three steps only. All you have to do is create listings, get the best match, and receive your order. The buyer would book the product with 3% token money, and the remaining 97% would be handed over at the time of selling. It is as simple as that.

On Droom, you would get the best prices and conflict-free payments. More than 5 million buyers are verified listed on Droom's website.

Plus, there are no added charges for listing any vehicle on Droom, and you can sell as many vehicles as you want.

Selling cars online can lead to fraudulent customers, but at Droom, you would find fully committed buyers leading to no more useless leads and less serious buyers. Droom also offers requirement match buy programs that would promote the listing among verified buyers to get your perfect match as soon as possible.