List of 10 LML Scooters and Bikes; A Blast From the Past

LML Scooters and Bikes That You Do Not Remember
  • Published On: 29/07/19
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LML (Lohia Machinery Limited) was one among the bigger names in the indigenous two-wheeler manufacturing in India. The company had its headquarters in Kanpur and was closed down only recently. However, before leaving the market altogether, the brand captured the imagination of the Indian public long before brands like KTM and BMW arrived in the Indian market. Granted, the brand would not hold a candle in front of these foreign makers, but it shined in the market in its limited time. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the models of LML that brand once had in the Indian market.

LML Select

Select was launched by the brand to lock horns with another indigenous hero – the Bajaj Chetak. The brand also updated the line-up of scooter at regular intervals and it was only in 2011, that the brand stopped the production of the scooter. Pretty ironic as it was that period that automatic scooters were making their presence felt in the sales segment in India. The last model of the series -- LML Select 4 – came with a 147.5cc single-cylinder engine rated to deliver 8.6 Bhp and 11.3 Nm. The engine was paired to a 4-speed manual transmission.


Yet another contender for the spot of Chetak that LML produced was the NV scooter. NV was discontinued in the market in 2013 and this marked the end of a more sharp and bubbly alternative for the Chetak in the market. LML NV came with a 149.56cc 2-stroke engine rated to deliver 8.5 Bhp and 11 Nm. This engine too came paired with a 4-speed manual transmission.

LML Adreno

Adreno created quite a buzz when it was launched in the Indian market as it came with a fairing that was unique for the affordable segment bikes at the time. However, this led to the public to expect a lot more performance out of the Adreno due to the sporty looks it came with. The bike was fairly average in its output and came with an 110cc, 4-stroke engine rated to deliver 8.5 Bhp and 7.5 Nm. What was a factor that led many people to purchase this bike was the 5-speed manual transmission, something that was uncommon on an 110cc engine at the time.

LML Energy

Along with Adreno, the company also launched the Energy which essentially was the Adreno sans fairing. Energy did look attractive and also came with the same mechanicals as the Adreno, save for the gearbox, which was a 4 speed unit on this naked bike.

LML Freedom

Freedom was one of the best-selling commuter bikes of the brand. The relatively upmarket looks along with the lower price tag meant that the Freedom with its 109.1 cc, single-cylinder engine sold good units for the brand. The output on the bike was 8.5 Bhp and 8.5 Nm while the transmission duties were handled by a 4-speed manual gearbox.

LML Freedom Prima 125

Freedom Prima 125 was an even more upmarket version of the Freedom and the Prima came with a 125cc engine. The power output here went up to 10.7 Bhp and 10.4 Nm. The bike also came with some extra features that distinguished the model from other offerings on the market.

LML Graptor

LML at one point also eyed the large market share that the youth focused bike Pulsar had captured in the Indian market. The bike launched to lock horns with the Bajaj Pulsar 150 was the LML Graptor. The Graptor was designed by an Italian company called Ugolini. The looks made the bike famous and it also came with a 150.8cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine rated to deliver 13.5 Bhp and 12.8 Nm. However, the Graptor could never handle the stylish quotient that Pulsar brought to the table and thus it could never sell in large numbers.

LML Beamer

Just like was the case with Energy and Adreno, LML launched the naked version of Graptor by the name of Beamer in India. Beamer came with the same engine but marginally higher output. However, even this could not rescue the bike as it sold in even smaller numbers than Graptor.

LML Star Euro 150

LML Star Euro 150 came with funky looks and its design reminded one of Vespa scooters. Star Euro 150 came with a 150cc engine rated to deliver 9.4 Bhp. However, the scooter could never gain . favour from the public in India and remained a poor seller in the market.

LML Star Euro 200

Star Euro 200 came with a 199.89cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine rated to deliver 9.1 Bhp and 19.9 Nm and the gearbox was a 4 speed unit. However, even the stylish design along with the torque heavy engine could not help the most expensive scooter of the brand in the market.

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