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What's New?

Droom is all about bringing original thinking and innovations to solve the problems of buyers and sellers in the automobile market. What's New section is to showcase some of these initiatives.

Fuel Efficiency

Droom launched Fuel Efficiency tool to helps users check the real-world fuel efficiency of cars, bikes and scooters based on customer feedback rather than misleading company claimed fuel efficiency figures. This tool also gives recommendation for vehicles with similar fuel efficiency and vehicles in similar price range.

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Droom launched ECO, India’s most advanced, independent, objective and unbiased auto inspection and verification service provider. Inspection is performed using ECO’s proprietary methodology by professionals. The inspection checklist is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive covering all the important points needed in verifying or inspecting a vehicle. Once inspection/verification is ordered by a user, the service will be delivered at their doorstep at a convenient time, as specified by the customer. Post the completion of inspection/verification, a digital report is delivered to the user.

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Pricing Research Tool

Pricing Research is another offering under Discovery Tool, which allows a user to do a complete analysis on the pricing of any used vehicle. This tool gives output as true price range from Orange Book Value, current and past ex-showroom prices of a similar new vehicle, pricing with respect to the listings and orders of similar vehicle(s) on Droom. This tool gives an overall pricing information to help user take an informed buying decision.

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Affordability Calculator

Droom has launched Affordability Calculator under its Discovery Tools category. It is a great pre-buying tool that allows users to check the affordable price and EMI range of a vehicle he/she may buy based on the income and expenditures entered. The Affordability calculator takes the user’s monthly income and expenses as inputs to provide a valid output. It a great tool for anyone to plan the next vehicle purchase according to budget.

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New Home Page

Hey, do you know that we have launched the new design for our home page! This page is a reflection of our true strength, our core values, and the pillars on which Droom is built. Never before we have showcased the powerful tools and methodologies on our home page in a way we do now: Full Circle Trust Score, Orange Book Value, Droom Assist, Droom Discovery! The way listings are presented on our platform is now detailed as possible, but on the other hand as subtle as possible! On the home page, we bring you not just variations of recommendation blocks that showcase the quality of listings we have but also quick access to powerful tools that could help you sell and buy at Droom.

Never before we have truly uncovered our true vision, like we have done now! This is just the beginning, best is yet to come!

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New Search Filters

The user's pre-buying search experience is better than before with change of new User Interface, vibrant colors, look and feel to provide every Droom user with "Feeling New Wali". This search experience of user ensures additional trust and transparency with the addition of new filters like Top Rated Seller, Full Circle Trust Score, Organised Dealer Network, Authorized Dealer, Warranty, Auto-Inspection, Returns, RTO-Service and Test-Drive.

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Orange Book Value

Orange Book Value is an algorithmic pricing engine by Droom that suggests fair market value for any used vehicle. Orange Book Value is built on Droom’s proprietary technologies and data science. It takes into account category, make, model, year, trim, kilometer driven, condition and many other factors to suggest fair market value. Orange Book Value is category agnostic pricing engine and can suggest fair market value for car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle and planes. Unlike other sources that just report historical transaction data that is flawed, Orange Book Value uses data science and empirical evidences in terms of depreciation curves, margins and spreads with intermediaries as any vehicle changes hands, and dozens of factors that have impact on valuation.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Droom launches Total Cost of Ownership, a pre-buying research tool under Droom Discovery. This tool enables a user to compare the total cost of ownership of up to three cars for a period of five years. The car models in comparison and the monthly running for a user are the input values for this tool. This tool compares the cars on the basis of insurance cost, tire change expenses, insurance premium expense, service expenses and fuel cost for a period of five years. The tool gives out the comparison of various costs in graphical representation and the total cost of ownership as a final value for each car in comparison. This tool also recommends one car based on lowest cost of ownership among the cars in comparison.

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Droom launches Quicksell. A C2B and B2B market place. Anyone in a hurry to sell their vehicle, can create a Quicksell listing and pay a flat fee of Rs. 199 to activate this. The listing will have details such as make/brand, model, year, trim/ variant, pictures, expected price and intended period to sell. While updating the price, the seller will be guided by Droom’s pricing recommendation engine. Once activated, the listings will be visible to the used vehicle dealers in Droom’s network called Pro-Sellers under Quicksell marketplace. These Dealers can now respond to the Quicksell request with their offer. This offer will contain details such as offered price, intended period to buy and conditions for the validity of the offer. A dealer will also be guided by Droom’s pricing recommendation engine while making an offer. A seller will get multiple offers from dealers and the seller can either accept or reject an offer. If an offer is accepted by a seller then the Dealer pays a commitment fee to close the deal.

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Droom Full Circle Trust

Droom Full Circle Trust Score is based on Droom’s proprietary technologies and algorithms that take into account trust factors that are important while buying used automobiles, such as auto inspection, warranty, verified seller, attractiveness of pricing for buyer, and level of disclosures by the sellers. Droom Full Circle Trust Score will allow buyers to develop more objective assessment and comfort around the vehicles they are considering buying. Our Full Circle Trust Score is equally attractive for sellers who want to adopt best practices and offer nothing but the best to the buyer community. Seller listings with higher trust scores will automatically emerge as winners on Droom’s marketplace.

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Droom Assist

Any Vehicle, any price, any condition, any budget. Lowest price guarantee with VIP service and help from experts". Droom Assist is a one stop shop for everything automobile related – from bicycles and planes to auto inspection and roadside assistance. Droom Assist looks into all your preferences and then come up with a suitable vehicle guaranteed to give full satisfaction. Our Droom Assist experts guarantee round - the – clock 7 days-a-week service to all our customers. Any more Questions? Concerns? Droom Assist is here to resolve all your Queries- we can help you find a used or new Automobile, in any make or model, any condition, any budget. Absolutely customised advice and suggestions - just for you! Contact us and we'll be there to Assist you.

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Droom Discovery

Droom Discovery is our proprietary methodology with tools that can assist you in the pre-buying phase as well as post purchase. Buying an Automobile is a big decision, and we are here to help in any way we can - Use our Discovery Tools, Rating & Reviews, Buyer's Guides, India's largest collections of brochures, EMI calculator, and Affordability Calculator to make the best decision as per your lifestyle and budget. The list just continues to grow.

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Product Research

Product research is a pre-buying research tool where a buyer can research in and out of a vehicle and its features like available options, technical specifications, colour options, warranty and much more. This tool also gives a buyer the ability to compare up to three vehicles side by side. This tool also gives the buyer an idea on how the vehicle fares on the rating and review from the actual users of these vehicles. Also, a user gets an idea of the price of the vehicle in terms of ex-showroom vehicle of the vehicle.

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Top 10 Automobiles

Droom has the most extensive collection of automobiles in the used space in India. This gives every buyer on Droom platform to choose the vehicle of his/ her choice. But, a first-time buyer might not know what to buy. In order to assist the buying process for such users, Droom has compiled the top 10 best-selling vehicles in each category (such as cars, bikes, scooters, supercars and super bikes). This will give a fair idea for any user to choose the best, so as to have a hassle-free ownership experience. This ensures joy of owning for a used vehicle too.

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