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Irrespective of the fact you are an individual or from RWA, fleet service, logistics company, dealership, hotels that offer commute, hospitals or private & public bus owners, you will definitely feel the need of vehicle inspection, vehicle servicing or vehicle maintaining and cleaning service along with Jumpstart service, after a long time gap. This is not only true for your four-wheelers, but also for your two-wheelers like bikes and scooters. Get up and Running as soon as the lockdown ends.

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Jump Start Services Includes

Air Pressure
Oil Check
Brake / Hand Brake
Brake Oil
Check / Top up
Radiator Coolant
Check / Top up
Oiling and
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How Jumpstart works?

  • Select a package
    and body type
    (Add-on services
  • Select a timeslot
    and place
    the order
  • ECO Ninja
    arrives at
    the location
  • Service
    is delivered
    (Including Additional
  • Jumpstart
    inspection Certificate
    is issued

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Jumpstart Service is the much needed doorstep service your vehicle needs after this long pause of usage due lockdown. Professional service performed includes certain checks on vehicle health, i.e.
  1. Battery check
  2. Air pressure check
  3. Brake/Hand brake check
  4. Brake oil check
  5. Radiator coolant check
  6. Wind shield water check, and top-up wherever applicable* and buying assistance for and/or order fulfillment of any add-ons such as towing or gas refill your vehicle might require.

**refer to FAQ: For what all inspected checkpoints is top-up available as part of Service?

*T&C Apply

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