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Buyer's Guide

Things you should keep in mind while involved in interstate transactions:

  1. If your vehicle is financed by a bank and you have taken a loan then you need to get a state transfer NOC from the respective bank.*
  2. Apply for NOC from the RTO where your vehicle is registered with Form 27 and Form 28, Xerox copy of the NOC you obtained from the bank and other documents related to vehicles such as: application requesting for NOC for interstate transfer, certificate of registration, insurance, tax, Pollution Under Control certificate (emission test certificate), original Chassis Imprint of the vehicle, 3-4 Copies of CMV Form 28, NOC from the police to speed up the process (or else the RTO will give you a clearance form that you can get signed from the police department), NOC from traffic police that there is no due of any fine for traffic violation etc.*
  3. Once your car is relocated, you have to approach the RTO for re-registration of the number, with following main documents: Form 29-30 for re-registration of the number, Original RC copy, Copy of Insurance of the car, Copy of the NOC you obtained in previous steps, Pollution under control /emission test certificate, Original Chassis Imprint of the vehicle, Photo ID and local address proof of the owner of the vehicle, Applicable fees like Road tax, Octroi charges (Octroi charges should be calculated based on depreciated value of the vehicle). After submitting these documents, you should get the number issued.*
  4. There might be significant costs involved pertaining to the entire process of interstate transfer and re-registration of your vehicle, accurate estimate of which can be obtained only from relevant authorities.
* T&C: Information related to interstate vehicle transaction provided above might not be completely accurate.