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  • Use Different Pricing Formats- Fixed Price, Auction & Best Offer
  • List on Different Marketplace Formats-QuickSell & Regular


  • Use Different Pricing Formats-Fixed Price, Auction & Best Offer
  • List on Different Marketplace Formats-QuickSell & Regular
  • 35% Likely to Sell Faster
  • Premium Listing Creation Assistance
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate
  • Vehicle Pricing Certificate
  • Vehicle History Certificate
  • 2 Month Selling Assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to pay a nominal subscription fee to become a Pro-Seller. While signing up on Droom, you can choose whether to sign-up as an Individual or as a Pro-seller. You can also opt to become a Pro-seller from your My Account by subscribing for the Pro-seller account.
Droom, we believe in empowering users via technology. We have a rich FAQs section to cover all the major challenges while creating a listing. Additionally, we have a dedicated “Tips Section” to provide you market insights while listing. If you still have any queries, we are happy to help - just shoot us an email at sellersupport@Droom.in or call us at 1860 500 4444
You can see all your listings under "Store Manager", and on Droom website and mobile apps. We have further segregated your listing under Store Manager in three sections - "Draft", "Active" and "Expired" listings. It is imperative that you keep your listings up-to-date as buyers can write negative reviews for incorrect or misleading listings.
Droom is India’s first and largest online marketplace to buy and sell used cars, bikes, scooter and jets. At present, Droom offers services in 500 cities across India. These services include Car Care & Detailing, Servicing, Road Side Assistance, Auto Inspection, RTO Services and sale purchase of used automobiles.
We have tightly integrated social media with our app. We highly encourage you to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word in various online groups and across your networks. In case of any queries, we are happy to help - just shoot us an email at sellersupport@Droom.in or call us at 1800 407 070707.
Token Amount is the 2- 3% (depending upon the category) of the final selling price that is paid as advance money by the buyer on Droom’s online platform. Rest 97 - 98% of the final selling price is paid directly to the seller (100% final selling price = 2% token amount + 98% final value payment). It is fully refundable, no questions asked, under Buyer Protection. Once buyer pays the token amount the listing gets deactivated and buyer can meet the seller to test drive and inspect the vehicle before closing the transaction. In case of order cancellation token amount is processed within 5 business days. To know more click on Token Amount By Category
At Droom, when a buyer makes the payment of token amount for a product, the entire fees is covered under our Buyer Protection program. Droom’s Buyer Protection allows buyers to be eligible for full refund of the token amount, no questions asked.
Droom is a technology driven platform and allows user(s) to search for an item via entering “Keyword” as make, model, or the year of the vehicle you are looking for. Users can browse our well-defined and categorized catalogue as per the preference. The Droom app and website also enable users to make further refinement in the results set via a vast selection of filters and sorting.
My account is your personalized section on all Droom's Platforms-Website and Mobile Apps(Android and iOS). Via “My Account” you can check your watchlist, update profile, purchased items details, committed items/seller details, and much more. Additionally, you can control alerts and notification settings from the “My Account” section.
Transaction Closure Period is the timeframe within which a seller and buyer needs to meet and close the transaction. If transaction does not complete within this period then it will no longer be covered under Droom Seller and Buyer Protection. Typically, this is between 3-5 days.
We recommend buyers meet sellers within the transaction closure period. If you are unable to meet the seller due to the seller's fault then you are completely covered under Droom’s Buyer Protection. In other cases decision is made by our dispute resolution team.
Ideally, you should be ready to close the transaction within the prescribed Transaction Closure Period with the Final Value Payment (Selling Price minus Token Amount) and documents. However, if you are not ready, you can reach out to the seller and explain your situation. It will be on the sole discretion of the seller whether he is ready to wait or not.
Your Token Amount is fully covered and refundable under Buyer Protection. If the deal does not close due to seller's fault, then you can raise the issue within the transaction closure period and our dispute resolution team will initiate a refund of token amount.
We encourage you to satisfy yourself with the item after you pay token amount and before you make the final value payment during your meeting with the seller. We try our best to maintain honesty in terms of seller disclosures and declaration, but we are not responsible for any wrong representation, omission, and concealing of information by sellers.
Usually, it will take longer to buy a car that has an auto loan. The seller will have to produce an NOC (no objection certificate) from the financial institution. In some cases, the NOC can be provided later on by the seller to the buyer but in most cases, the NOC has to be produced before the transaction is closed. We recommend buyers to work with sellers and proactively find out:
1. If the concerned item has any loan.
2. If the NOC is available with the seller in advance.
3. When will the NOC be available if not there.
Droom Assist provides online assistance and consultation regarding the purchase of cars and automobiles for buyers and sellers by removing stress and anxiety. Using disruptive approach and data science, Droom makes each transaction transparent, easy, quick and trustful. Droom and Droom Assist are available to customers through mobile (Android and IOS Apps) and web (www.droom.in) platform.
Droom Assist offers assisted buying services for customers by a dedicated team of automobile experts at any stage of buying cycle and has simplified the buying process of automobiles for all buyers.
Droom Assist offers Droom Assist premium assisted selling for sellers for an easy and hassle-free selling experience.
Premium Assisted Selling provides online assistance for selling by offering three different packages (Silver/Gold/Platinum) to anyone willing to sell their vehicle. It also offers listing creation services, scheduling and coordinating for vehicle inspection in all the three packages and selling assistance for one month and two months respectively in gold and platinum packages.
Droom offers friendly and expert customer support to help you at every step. You can contact us in three ways: Send us email at: assist@droom.in
Call us at or give missed call at: +91-9643437666
Chat with us online through our website
Yes, Droom provides you with an option to buy a new/used vehicle when you are selling your vehicle. Just fill the relevant information and our agents will get back to you.
Yes, Droom provides you with an option to sell your vehicle when you are buying a new/used vehicle. Just fill the relevant information and our agents will get back to you.
To submit your requirement for a new/used vehicle or service, go to droom.in/buying-assistance and fill all relevant information about the vehicle/service and submit the request. Our executives will get back to you regarding your request.