How MyDroom Works?

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About MyDroom

MyDroom is a consolidated platform for maintaining your vehicle portfolio. Via MyDroom, we aim to equip you with extensive tools and customized solutions for end-to-end management of your family of vehicles.

MyDroom aims to enable you to manage your vehicles right from researching, to financing, to buying and finally disposing in a hassle-free and simple manner. By simply entering a few details regarding your vehicle, you can configure notifications for insurance payments, get better refinancing offers, schedule regular inspections and create Droom listing to sell your vehicle in one click.

Benefits Of MyDroom


MyDroom is a platform which helps you in maintaining all your vehicles from one place. This is done by using the details of your vehicles as given by you to assist you through all phases of vehicle ownership: from researching, buying, maintaining to finally disposing it.

MyDroom is available for every user with an individual account.

You can access your MyDroom profile after you log in to My Account. The link to MyDroom is available in the side panel in My Account.

By using MyDroom, you will never have to worry about forgetting to renew your vehicle insurance or to pay EMIs for your auto loan. It also gives you suggestions about when to get your vehicle serviced to ensure its smooth running and gives offers and packages relevant to your vehicle.

You can add your car, bike or scooter in MyDroom.

The vehicle insurance, loan and servicing details that are asked from you are used to give you accurate reminders and notifications, as well as better deals for renewing your insurance as well as refinancing your loan.

Any type of personal information taken from helps us in making accurate recommendations, giving timely alerts and providing you with customized deals that are relevant for you.