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Why Buy

Top 12 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying New Vehicles

Understand Your Purpose

Evaluate your requirements and purpose of buying a car as per family size and lifestyle demands

Fix A Budget

Your requirement and your affordability must go hand in hand

Check Affordability

Use Affordability Calculator to calculate the price range of the car and EMI affordable according to your current income and expenditure


New cars have two pricing format- ex-showroom price (differs from state to state but remains same for a state) and on-road price (may vary from dealer to dealer within the same state)

Fuel Type

Choose fuel type- Diesel/Petrol/CNG/Electric, as later fuel price will influence the daily expense


Shortlist average mileage car as it will be more fuel efficient


Ask for a preview of products like paint protection, extended warranty and prepaid maintenance plan


Choose the Insurance plan wisely; complete coverage of car will save big money in longer run

Resale Value

Brand value and the way you are going to treat your car will decide the resale value in future


Car depreciates its value over the years that affects the resale value, so it’s important to evaluate while buying a car

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Calculate TCO tool to calculate ownership cost split for 5 years in terms of insurance, service, fuel, tire change, etc.

Test Drive Yourself

Test drive the car on different roads and do this yourself to judge the car performance

Offer Banner


There are some advantages and disadvantages of both new and used vehicles. With a new vehicle you don't worry about wear & tear of vehicle or history of servicing, also your vehicle is covered under a warranty for a certain period. With used vehicle your ownership cost will be much lower due to the initial depreciation. Whatever vehicle you purchase, always look for a vehicle best for your needs and suit to your pocket.

In nutshell you should consider budget/Fuel type & efficiency/body type/engine capacity/warranty/brands and cost of ownership. Please check our detailed Buyer Guides for more details. Car, Bike, Scooter.

Pay the Token Amount on the Vehicle listing you want to purchase and post payment, you will obtain Order confirmation along with other details of your purchase. You can also reach us on our Helpline No. 9650 08 08 08 or mail us at support@droom.in.

Token amount is the small booking amount or commitment amount paid by a buyer on Droom’s online platform to make commitment for a purchase. The remaining payment can be made directly to the seller later on. Token Amount is covered under Droom's Buyer Protection and fully (100%) refundable in case of non-closure of the transaction.

With the payment of Token Amount or Commitment Fee, Droom covers you with Buyer Protection. Buyer Protection enables that a buyer obtains 100% refund in case the transaction does not go through*

As soon the payment is completed with seller along with the other formalities, the vehicle will be delivered at your doorstep (if you have opted for same) or you can take the delivery at the Dealership.

Depending on the Offer applicable at the listing level, the Cashback will be credited to your account. It can be an instant Cashback, or the Cashback will be credited to your account within the stipulated time. Typically, it take 15-20 days to process the cashback post-delivery.

These Offers are provided directly by the dealer or seller. Get in touch with our Droom Assist Team for latest offers on your favourite vehicle.

There are many banks or NBFC who provides loan facility you can also take loan from Droom Fintech. You can decide from EMI scheme, money scheme, deposit payment scheme. You can calculate an EMI using EMI calculator.

The amount of the loan depends upon the vehicle cost, the type of vehicle & the percentage financing offered.

If you have all the documents with you in proper order the process of loan will take less time to complete. You need to submit requisite documents like tax returns, salary slip, bank statements, proof of residence, etc. The processing will take between 2 to 7 days. Droom Fintech process loans in max 48 hours.

An exchange scheme is a scheme where dealer upgrade your used vehicle to new vehicle. Evaluation of a vehicle is done as per the price depending on the year, model and the condition. After evaluation, the new vehicle is handed over to the buyer when he/she deposit the remaining amount to the dealer. You could also opt services of Droom Quicksell to quickly sell your vehicle to our authorized partners and book new vehicle after paying token amount to Droom.

According to Motor Vehicle Act, Vehicle insurance policy is mandatory. Every Vehicle owner should have an insurance which covers third party injury, property damage or death.

With Vehicle Insurance, you can cover

  • Accidents, Vehicle against theft & natural disasters such as earthquake, fire, floods etc.
  • Paid driver, employees or any unnamed passenger.
  • Family members (including self) with Personal Accident Policy.
  • Injury/Death of another person due to accident caused by you.
  • Damage to someone else's vehicle or property.

You can take insurance policy through Droom Insurance we are authorized partner of multiple insurance companies and get the best discount from us.

If you have a problem with a vehicle you have just purchased just follow these steps:

  • See the warranty information of a vehicle.
  • Contact the dealer for arranging service for your vehicle.
  • If the dealer is not interested to solve your issue you may file a complaint about the dealership.

It's always better to get your vehicle serviced from authorized dealer, you can check this detail in the service book provided with your vehicle. Sub substandard Service or parts can lead to damage of other critical parts and reduce the life and value of the vehicle. You can also book your service form Droom Servicing.

Yes, you can cancel your Order within the closure period, typically within 5 business days. Buyer Protection assures you of the aforementioned and refund can thence be initiated.

Yes, the refund is initiated typically within 5 days post cancellation of the Order. However, the amount of refund may vary from case to case basis solely on Droom’s discretion, and the decision of Droom shall be final and binding

You can reach out to us on our Helpline No. 9650 08 08 08 or mail us at lockdown@droom.in. Our Customer Support representative would love to help you!