Petronas Sprinta motorcycle lubricant launched

  • Published On: 3 April 2017

The company claims the globally tested lubricant will greatly help improve your bike's life and performance.

For motorcycle buffs always looking for better ways to take care of their machines, Petronas has launched its first lubricant in India, the Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex engine oil. The Sprinta is a fully synthetic 4T lubricant that will cater to the core requirements of motorcycle riders in the country.

Talking about the audience for the lubricant, Giuseppe D'Arrigo Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) said, "For a majority of bike owners, a Motorcycle is the primary mode of transport for their daily commutes, usually under heavy traffic conditions. This potentially leads to extensive usage and heavy load on the motorcycle, putting a lot of stress on the engine. Combining our century-long expertise in lubricant technology and consumer-focused innovation, Petronas Sprinta with UltraFlex technology is formulated with strong oil film that enhances oil stability to address the diverging effects of bike stress." The engine oil will help the engine endure stress and significantly improve its life and overall performance. The new range of lubricants is claimed to also offer exceptional deposit control, thus maintaining motorcycle power and ride quality.

This launch in India is a huge step forward for the Malaysian company as it aims to be one of the world's top five companies. Speaking about its growth here, D'Arrigo continued, "I believe India will provide the platform for global growth. We are among the top 10 right now and our ambition is to grow to be among the top five. To achieve that we have to invest in the right places. We are investing in higher growth markets such as China, South America and India."

The company has thoroughly tested the product according to international standards, tests which show that the Ultraflex technology provides superior oil film strength that is up to 41 percent higher than the industry benchmark.

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