Ferrari will launch first hybrid ever in 2019

  • Published On: 9 March 2018

The future hybrid powertrain could feature on the company’s new SUV.

Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne said that the first production series hybrid from the Italian carmaker will launch in 2019. The company is already running hybrid test mules running, powered by a V8 hybrid powertrain.

For now, there are no details on which car will be powered by the first hybrid powertrain, but it could be the company’s upcoming SUV. Marchionne said that Ferrari’s hybrid offering will adhere to upcoming European Union CO2 emissions targets for 2021. “We’re going to embrace electrification and make it a mainstay,” he said.

The company is currently exempt from CO2 targets because it makes fewer than 10,000 cars but, “Once we have more than that, it will be an issue," he said. "But I think with the hybrids, we will be fine.”

When asked about whether a hybrid powertrain meant loss of character versus a V12, Marchionne said, "Have you driven a Ferrari hybrid? When you do, I'm sure you won't miss a V12."

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