Aftermarket exhaust from Akrapovic for TVS Apache RR 310 on sale

  • Published On: 16 July 2018

The exhaust adds an additional 2.4hp and 2.7Nm of torque.

The Akrapovic Racing Line full system exhaust for the TVS Apache RR 310 claims to raise power by 2.4hp and 2.7Nm. The bike will also be 4.6kg lighter thanks to the materials used.

Akrapovic is known world over for making high-end exhaust systems and, like the rest of its products, this one doesn’t come cheap. This carbon-fibre exhaust costs Rs 55,000 (inclusive of taxes) at the Performance Racing Store in Mumbai.

The exact same unit will work with the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS. Performance Racing Store says that its exhaust system doesn’t require an ECU remap.

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