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₹66.74 K. View Exciting Offers
Commuter, Manual, Petrol
₹66.74 K. View Exciting Offers

About Bajaj V15

Bajaj V15 is the Pune based automaker’s answer to the falling sales in the Discover brand. Bajaj experimented several things post the success of the Discover series which backfired and hampered its chance to make the most out of the opportunity. To make up for its mistake, the automaker introduced a commuter motorcycle with a fancier avatar. The Bajaj V15 is placed right between Discover 150F and Bajaj Pulsar 150. Amusingly, Bajaj V15 has a confused identity as there isn’t a clear idea about which category does it belong to. V15 is iconic similar to other Bajaj V models thanks to the metal usage from INS Vikrant for making the fuel tanks.

Overview: Bajaj V15 is not just popular because it is built with metal sourced from INS Vikrant aircraft but for a whole new perspective. Bajaj’s V series pays homage to the history and heritage of India’s first aircraft carrier. But that is not the only USP, the model with bold and sturdy looks does not fail to deliver exemplary performance.

Having seen the Bajaj V15 overview, let us move towards the Bajaj V15 review:

Exterior: Bajaj V15 is quite different as compared to the other budget Bajaj models. It has been built on its platform and is a standout model which sits fine between the Pulsar and the Discover series. Low seat height, wide handlebar and neutrally positioned footpegs are some of the key features in the bike. However, the fuel tank is higher than expected which makes seating uncomfortable for a heightened person. Summarizing it, we can say that the Bajaj V15 is unique, fresh and comfortable due to its lightweight, flickable nature and easy leverage being offered by the handlebars.

Specifications: Under the hood, the Bajaj V15 comes with a 150cc single-cylinder motor which produces 11.8bhp @7500rpm and generates a peak torque of 13Nm @5500rpm. The engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox which comes with shift pattern. Overtaking other bikes is a seamless action owing to the low and mid-range torque. Regarding top speed, the V15 can reach up to 90 km/h. However, 60-65 km/h is the perfect speed to ride this bike because of post the 70 km/h mark, its start to vibrate. As for brakes, 240mm disc at the front and 130mm drum brakes to provide the power.

Price: Bajaj V15 on road price starts at INR 66,000 considering price after GST. However, regions make a massive difference when buying bikes and thus the price of Bajaj V15 in Bangalore is INR 71,000 which makes it INR 5,000 more expensive. Bajaj V15 2018 is expected to come with considerable updates and is expected to be priced even more competitively.

Competitors: Bajaj V15 price and specifications put the model in direct competition with other 150cc motorcycles such as Honda Unicorn and Honda CB Shine.

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