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From the land of Innovative cars that have made the world marvel on their performance, Maserati is one of the oldest car makers from Italy that produces supercars that deliver high speed and luxurious comfort effortlessly. The brand manufactures 5 car models Ghibli, New Quattroporte, Gran Tourismo, Gran Cabrio and Levante. Let’s have a detailed look at them:

  • Ghibli: The iconic ‘Trident’ logo on the radiator grille that converges with the striking LED lights give the car a classic appeal, while the long bonnet with smooth lines emphasises on the dominating look. At the rear, the car has dual exhaust on both sides with wide-rimmed wheels. On the inside, the seats are covered in leather upholstery which is available in different colours. The instrument panel brow and the door armrest create a dual tone combination. The sound system of the vehicle features Harman Kardon Sound System. The vehicle features 3 litre V6 Turbo diesel that produces torque upto 275 HP.
  • New Quattroporte: The Quattroporte is the revamped version of the 1963’s Quattroporte version. The new Quattroporte is available in two versions – Gran Sport and Gran Lusso. In the front, the car features the signature radiator grille with vertical slats and powerful LED headlamps. The car has large front and rear bumpers which enhances the powerful look, it also features the brands signature air vents on the sides. The Maserati Quattroporte is available in two version in India, i.e. the 530 HP 3.8 litre Twin Turbo V8 petrol unit and a potent 3-litre V6 turbo diesel that produces a remarkable 275 HP.
  • Gran Tourismo: This car is made from the inspiration gained from the 75th Birdcage concept cars. The car is designed with Lithe and sinuous lines which create a sleek and aerodynamic exterior that underline the car’s racing pedigree. The vehicle features a 4.2-litre V8 engine that produces power upto 405 HP.
  • Gran Cabrio: The GranCabrio is a convertible car model that features a retractable roof. The car has a sleek and long body that has various elements that define its beauty. The front of the car features the radiator grille with horizontal slats. The long bonnet with smooth lines gives the car a sporty look, the three air vents on the side of the car enhance the look of the car. The car features a 4.7-litre V8 engine that produces 450 HP at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 510 Nm at 4,750 rpm.
  • Levante: The Levante SUV is yet to be introduced in the Indian market, while the international version of the car features a 3.0 Twin Turbo V6 petrol engine that generates power upto 275 PS and torque upto 600 Nm.

Maserati supercars in India are revered for their performance, while the new Maserati supercar models that are yet to be launched remain the highly anticipated ones.


Maserati has 5 models and most affordable model is Maserati Ghibli. It has a price range between ₹ 1.31 Crore to ₹ 2.68 Crore.