Droom Reseller Program

Droom is a self-service platform, where your success is in your hands. Droom Re-seller program is exclusively for its Pro-Sellers (basic, premium or enterprise). It an exclusive reselling program where a dealer can directly sell Droom services to its walk-in customers. This means any walk-in customer can buy any Droom ecosystem services like OBV Valuation Report, History premium report, and eco inspection, by visiting a dealership of Droom’s pro-seller.

It will help you increase your sales and earn extra money. You can offer these certified reports for pricing, history and condition and win trust of the buyer. A buyer can buy these reports offline from a seller and pay the amount in cash or any means suggested by seller.

For example, if a walk-in buyer asks of valuation report, a Pro-seller can simply purchase OBV report & take a print out for the buyer. The buyer can pay by cash to the pro-seller.

Pricing and Payments

  1. Earn More Money by selling Droom services to walk in customers.
  2. Give the best Service at lowest price.
  3. Enhance overall customer experience.
  4. Chance of becoming Top Rated Seller with Droom
  5. Your listings will appear higher in search.
  6. 3 different ways to buy services at discounted prices.
  7. Co-branding opportunity with Droom.

How it works

You can easily sell these services and keep a record of these through your Store Manager account on Droom. Following are the simple steps to sell through reseller program:

Login to your Store Manager
Go to Reseller Program
Select the service you want to sell to the walk-in customer
Fill the required details & purchase the service using miles or payment gateway.
View the details in my purchases section on store manager.
In case of reports – You may print the same and provide it to the customer.