Droom is a self-service platform that offers sellers complete freedom to sell online anywhere, anytime and using any device. When an order is received on Droom it passes through different stages, and in different stages it shows different order statuses. It is easy to understand the order status of an order.

Below is the list of various statuses for an order, which can help you understand in which stage your order is:

# Order Status Description
1 Payment Pending This status means that a buyer has initiated the payment for an order and is currently in the payment mode.
2 Committed An order is said to be committed for big assets when a buyer has paid the token amount.
3 Pending Buyer ID The order is in this status when it is waiting for a buyer to upload his valid ID in the system.
4 Pending Call Verification In this status, an order is in call verification process stage.
5 Sold In this stage the seller has marked a vehicle as sold on which buyer has to give a confirmation.
6 Pending RC Documents This status means the order is waiting for a seller to upload the old and new RC in the system.
7 Delivered Pending Verification Order is in document verification process stage.
8 Completed The order has moved to the final stage from where after the verification it will be eligible for payment.
9 Settled In this stage the payout for an order has been sent to the seller.
10 Incomplete In this status means that the buyer has once initiated the payment but the payment does not get completed.
11 Disputed In case of any discrepancy between a buyer and a seller, the order goes in disputed status.
12 Refunded This means that the amount paid by the buyer has been given back or refunded to buyer in case of order cancellation/dispute.
13 Order Cancelled When a buyer cancels an order, it goes in the order cancelled status. A buyer can cancel the order in first 5 hours of placing the order.
14 Order Placed When a buyer makes a successful payment for a service order, the status is shown as order placed.
15 In Progress This means the seller has given confirmation for an order after it has been placed.
16 Service Delivered A service order shows as service delivered after the seller has marked the service as delivered.
17 Service Delivery Confirmed Either the buyer marks it as delivered or it gets delivered after 24 hours if the buyer has not taken any action.