Orange Book Value (OBV) for Used Mobile Phones!

We now have Orange Book Value for Used Mobile Phones. Now you can check the Fair Market Price of any Used Mobile Phone in 10 seconds for free using OBV. With more than 2500 mobile phone models in the database, OBV is one of the most comprehensive mobile phone list available on the internet.

The pricing for used mobile phones is still a huge pain point for consumers. There is lack of trust and confidence when it comes to buying or selling a used phone because of the uncertainty in the valuation of the phone. OBV for Mobile Phones would provide a fair, unbiased and independent market value for Used Mobile Phones, creating transparency in the entire process.

OBV for used mobile phones will give users a benchmark pricing like for used automobiles. You can check the fair market price of any used mobile phone before buying or selling.

The value of mobile phone is calculated after considering various factors. Below is the list if factors that affects the pricing of a used mobile phone:

  1. Make and Model of the Phone – All mobile phones do not depreciate by the same amount. E.g., Apple Phones depreciate less than Micromax phones for the same period
  2. Age of the Used Mobile Phone – Mobile Phones do not follow a linear depreciation. The more the age of the phone, the steeper the depreciation would be.
  3. Condition of the Used Mobile Phone - The condition plays a big role in valuation with almost new phones commanding a higher price in market.
  4. Purpose (Selling or Buying Phone) - The purpose of the transaction impacts the pricing.
  5. Party (Individual or Dealer) - Dealers always add their margin which means that the prices vary depending on whether one is selling/buying to/from a dealer or individual.
  6. Valid Bill, Original Accessories – Presences of these factors increase trust in the used phone and improve its valuation.

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How It Works

It is easy to know the price of your phone in 10 seconds for free. Following are the steps to check the price of a used mobile phone:

The listing with Premium Tools Package will show all the premium reports for buyer for free. Below is are the price details for the packages:

Select ‘OBV for Mobile’ tab on the home screen
Select purpose, you want to buy or sell
Give details you want to buy from dealer or individual
Give input for make (company of the phone), model of the phone and age (since when you are using)
Click submit to get the OBV price
Change the condition using Condition Meter (as price vary as per the condition of the phone)
Use ‘Advanced Evaluation’ to get a more precise price by selecting available accessories (original bill, charger, earphones and box) and working condition of individual components (camera, display, wi-fi, Bluetooth etc.), and click ‘Submit’ to re-evaluate the price