Be courteous, polite, and gentle to build a great reputation amongst buyers and generate good will in the market.

  • Once a customer has paid the commitment fee (Token Amount), please make sure you that you reach out to the buyer to coordinate transaction closure
  • Please be very professional to the buyer
  • When buyer arrives at your location, please greet him with enthusiasm
  • Please offer water, tea/coffee or refreshment to the buyer
  • Please offer original documents to the buyer for verification
  • Please allow buyer to test drive the vehicle
  • If the buyer comes with a mechanic, please allow the process of inspection
  • If buyer has ordered an inspection of vehicle, please cooperate and enable the process
  • Do not hide information intentionally and be rude with the buyer
  • Please keep the set of closing documents ready including receipt, transfer documents, insurance papers etc.
  • Please answer all the questions clearly and with confidence
  • If a buyer reaches to you for any issue, even after the transaction is closed, please try to help instead of ignoring him
  • If you take responsibility to transfer RC to the buyer, please make sure you do proper follow-up and handover the RC and other papers to buyer in appropriate time
  • Do not fabricate the documents
  • Do not sell stolen vehicle or mislead the buyer