Droom Miles

Big Rewards, Bigger Smiles

  • Droom’s Virtual Currency
  • Hassle Free Checkout, Saves Time
  • Reap The Attractive Rewards
  • Added Savings
  • Quick Refund
1 Droom Mile = 1 Rupee
Buyer Tips


Droom is India’s only marketplace enabling end to end online transaction between buyer and seller while buying used cars, bikes, mobile phones and more. In order to enable end to end transaction online, buyer pays token amount (may vary as per category) on Droom’s platform and rest of the amount is directly paid to the seller after verifying the product details.

Token Amount is the booking amount or commitment amount paid by buyer online on Droom to commit for a listing. After paying token amount, buyer can talk to the seller, verify product details, and test it, before making the final payment. Token Amount is fully (100%) refundable and covered under Droom’s Buyer Protection if the transaction does not close.

Buy Now: It is the total selling price for a listing that buyer pays in full while placing an order on Droom’s online platform.

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