Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

The Token Amount for buyer is concerned, it is fully refundable (no questions asked) and covered under Droom Buyer Protection in all the cases until or unless transaction is not completed. The refund will be initiated within 5 business days after the cancellation of the order.

To maintain the true marketplace spirit, Droom equally penalizes seller for the transactions not completed. In case the transaction is not completed for reasons as

  1. Order cancelled by seller due to non-availability of the listing, significantly different listing than shown, pricing issues, wrong information shared, no response from seller, misleading disclosures and more.
  2. Dispute settled against the seller

The selling service fee starting 1.5% (depending upon the category) of the regular selling price of the listing will be deducted as Cancellation fee or fine from the seller.

Similarly, Droom does not take any responsibility in return and/or replacement of any item bought on Droom platform. The return and/or replacement decision strictly lies between a buyer and a seller.

Droom is responsible only for refunding the Token Amount paid by the buyer, if the transaction is not complete and the buyer requests the refund. The return or refund for the Final Value Payment (Selling Price minus Token Amount) of the vehicle is not Droom responsibility. The buyer is responsible to inspect the vehicle and documents to his satisfaction before taking delivery of the vehicle.