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There are 3 Vintage Cars available for sale online in Kolkata with Fixed Price. Vintage Cars in Kolkata available in Petrol. All second hand Vintage Cars in Kolkata available at a starting price of 3,80,000 and come with 100% Refundable Token Amount.


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Used Baby Hindustan 1000 Petrol 1958
Used Baby Hindustan 1000 Petrol 1958

Baby Hindustan 1000 Petrol 1958

74,190 Km
Used Standard Herald Standard Convertible 1963
Used Standard Herald Standard Convertible 1963

Standard Herald Standard Convertible 1963

30,000 Km
Used Mahindra Jeep . 1982
Used Mahindra Jeep . 1982

Mahindra Jeep . 1982

60,000 Km

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    Explore a Wide Selection of Vintage Cars in Kolkata

    There is a charm and timeless elegance about vintage cars which sets it apart from other available cars. A vintage car hits differently because of the nostalgia that consumers go through when driving the car. Also, the unique design grabs a lot of attention when passing through the road. But there’s much more special about vintage cars apart from nostalgia and design. A vintage car is also comparatively cheaper than the currently available cars in the market, making it perfect for price-sensitive consumers existing in majority. It is also lightweight and requires low maintenance. This combination of affordability, style, and maintenance with a hint of nostalgia leads to the popularity of vintage cars.

    At Droom, a vast array of vintage car options is available from top brands along with customer-friendly filters and comparable tools, for a better search experience. The vintage cars in Kolkata are available from brands such as Baby Hindustan, Mahindra, and Standard Herald.

    Most Reliable Vintage Cars for Sale in Kolkata

    Immense trust is what makes a vintage car reliable, but where does the trust develop from? A brand-new car is not a struggle with gaining the trust of consumers, but a vintage car which is decades old, faces a lot of issues in gaining the trust of its potential buyers. Consumers hesitate to trust a vintage car because of several factors such as its condition, quality of performance and history. Here, Droom arrives as a savior by offering services such as Droom History and Droom Eco, where one does the background check of the vintage car kin Kolkata and the other one checks the condition of the car with the help of inspection, ensuring a smooth driving experience.

    Vintage Cars Price in Kolkata

    Price highly influences the purchase decision of consumers planning to buy a vintage car. Since vintage cars are comparatively cheaper, they fall under the preferable category of price-sensitive consumers existing in the majority. To know the right price for vintage cars, Droom offers OBV which determines the fair market value of vintage cars, for making informed purchasing decisions.

    Vintage cars price in Kolkata are within the budget-friendly category, which makes it an economical choice for Indian consumers. The vintage cars for sale in Kolkata include the Mahindra Jeep 1982, Standard Herald Standard Convertible 1963, Baby Hindustan 1000 Petrol 1958, and many more.

    Buy the Best Vintage Cars in Kolkata as per Fuel Type

    Better options in fuel type always work in favor of the car because of the freedom of choice which consumers receive to choose a car as per their preferences and priorities. However, the popularity of cars does not always depend solely on the availability of multiple fuel options in a car. The best example is a vintage car, which even though has limited fuel type options, still is popular among consumers because it is affordable, stylish, and easy to maintain. The used vintage cars in Kolkata are available in petrol and diesel versions, giving a decent number of options to choose from.

    Certified Vintage Cars for Sale in Kolkata

    Providing full assurance, safety, and guarantee as a combo while purchasing a car is what makes a vintage car certified. A certified vintage car gives a sense of reliability to consumers, which helps them to have a stress-free driving experience. Buying a certified second hand used vintage car in Kolkata from Droom provides a 6-month guarantee as an extended benefit along with services such as Droom History, Droom Eco, and OBV, ensuring an enhanced car ride.

    Buy the Best Vintage Cars and Enjoy Doorstep Delivery

    When consumers decide to purchase a vintage car in Kolkata from Droom, they get to enjoy a wide variety of vintage car options with user-friendly filters and comparable tools, all at one stop. Consumers also enjoy the facility of doorstep delivery, making the car purchase experience even more delightful.

    Enjoy a world of benefits with Droom on your Vintage Car Purchase

    Consumers get to enjoy several benefits when they choose to purchase a vintage car in Kolkata from Droom. The platform has a wide array of vintage car options from top brands with user-friendly filters and comparable tools for an enhanced search experience. Visit Droom today to buy a second-hand vintage car in Kolkata and experience a hassle-free purchase service.

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