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There are 2 Vintage Cars available for sale online in Bangalore with Fixed Price. Vintage Cars in Bangalore available in Petrol. All second hand Vintage Cars in Bangalore available at a starting price of 1,00,000 and come with 100% Refundable Token Amount.


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Used Fiat Premier Padmini 1100 D 1991
Used Fiat Premier Padmini 1100 D 1991

Fiat Premier Padmini 1100 D 1991

88,835 Km
Used Maruti Suzuki 800 Dx 1985
Used Maruti Suzuki 800 Dx 1985

Maruti Suzuki 800 Dx 1985

56,000 Km

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    Explore a Wide Selection of Vintage Cars in Bangalore

    Despite being introduced decades ago; vintage cars still have a timeless beauty and charisma which captures the hearts of consumers. It’s always nostalgic to drive a vintage car but it has the power of turning heads while being on the road through its great looks. Apart from the sense of nostalgia and looks, a vintage car is also affordable and requires the least maintenance. It’s a compact car which won’t take up much of the space in your parking area and is lightweight which makes it easier for consumers to drive.

    At Droom, consumers get introduced to only authentic vintage cars at a very reasonable price, which is a perfect option for price-sensitive consumers existing in the majority. This platform has a wide range of car options from popular brands with user-friendly filters and comparable tools for a better experience. The vintage car in Bangalore belongs to brands such as Fiat and Maruti Suzuki.

    Most Reliable Vintage Cars for Sale in Bangalore

    When a vintage car is called reliable, it means that it has succeeded in gaining the trust of consumers. As compared to new cars, a vintage car has several factors which make it difficult for consumers to trust it. The factors include condition, quality of performance, durability, and history of the car. Droom takes responsibility for introducing you to only those vintage cars which are reliable. Droom offers services such as Droom History and Droom Eco, where one checks the background of the vintage car in Bangalore and the other one checks the condition of the car by inspecting it, eventually providing an enhanced driving experience.

    Vintage Cars Price in Bangalore

    Price has an important role to play in the purchase-making decision of vintage cars. The key reason why consumers prefer purchasing a vintage car apart from the feeling of nostalgia and unique design is its price. A vintage car is available at a very reasonable price and is comparatively cheaper than the new cars, giving it a competitive edge over its peers. To know the right price of the vintage car for sale in Bangalore, Droom assists you through the tool called OBV, which determines the fair market value of vintage cars, giving clarity of mind.

    The vintage cars price in Bangalore falls within the budget-friendly range, which makes it an economical choice for price-conscious consumers. The vintage cars under this range include the Fiat Premier Padmini 1100 D 1991 and Maruti Suzuki 800 Dx 1985.

    Buy the Best Vintage Cars in Bangalore as per Fuel Type

    The demand for vintage cars in Bangalore is always at its peak although it comes with a limited fuel option. The reasons behind its popularity are its price, look, low maintenance quality and lightweight. It’s also because consumers do not have much expectation related to the fuel options since the car was introduced decades ago. The vintage cars in Bangalore are only available in petrol versions.

    Certified Vintage Cars for Sale in Bangalore

    Being a certified car means a car with full guarantee, security, and assurance. The biggest benefit that one enjoys after purchasing a certified vintage car is the sense of security and relief while driving or riding the car. If a certified used vintage car in Bangalore is what you are looking for, then Droom is the right place for you as it provides an extended benefit of a 6-month guarantee along with other services such as Droom History, Droom Eco, and OBV.

    Buy the Best Vintage Cars and Enjoy Doorstep Delivery in Bangalore

    The online platform Droom has a wide range of the best second hand used vintage cars in Bangalore from top brands, which comes with the benefit of user-friendly filters and comparable tools, all in one place. It doesn’t end here, as the platform also provides the facility of doorstep delivery as a post-purchase service, making the purchase experience even more delightful.

    Enjoy a world of benefits with Droom on your Vintage Car Purchase in Bangalore

    When searching for a vintage car for sale in Bangalore, it’s always a smart choice to purchase it from Droom because of the several benefits it provides. It offers a wide range of car options from leading brands with the benefits of customer-friendly filters and comparison tools, narrowing down the car list to only useful ones. Buy a vintage car in Bangalore from Droom and experience a hassle-free seamless purchase service.

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