Which Car is Most Suitable for You: SUV or a Sedan

  • Published On: 16 December 2020
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Check the story to find the factors that could ultimately help you to make a choice between an SUV or a sedan

SUV and Sedan
  • SUV and Sedan

Both SUVs and sedans have been quite popular. People often face the dilemma of whether they should buy an SUV or a sedan. When we talk about India, most of the population get swayed towards the SUV. In cities like Mumbai, where waterlogged roads are a common occurrence during monsoon, SUV turn out to be the best option. SUV is a vehicle that can literally go anywhere with power being fed to all four wheels. 

Sedans, on the other hand, offer ample performance and enjoyable handling along with plenty of passenger space and an enclosed boot. It is a perfect option for day-to-day driving on unchallenging road conditions. They have always been the choice for people who plan to upgrade from a hatchback. Both SUVs and sedans have their own pros and cons. But at the end of the day, you should buy a vehicle that suits your needs. This story will help you to figure out the difference between an SUV and a sedan.

SUV vs Sedan: Price

An SUV is pricier than a sedan. The reason being an SUV features technology that is quite expensive. For example, it offers an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive which is a bit expensive to engineer. A sedan, on the other hand, comes with a standard two-wheel-drive drivetrain. So for people with a tight budget, a sedan is a better option. 

SUV vs Sedan: Dimensions

In terms of dimensions, an SUV is taller in height in comparison to a sedan. This makes them more spacious. Also, for more storage space, you can simply roll down the back seat. Due to higher ground clearance, an SUV has a higher center of gravity that further affects its high-speed stability. Talking about a sedan, you need to be careful while driving on bad roads otherwise, you might end up scratching the underbody. SUV has larger dimensions than a sedan. Thus, while driving the SUV, you have a better view of the road ahead. The seating position of a sedan is lower to the ground so it can be easily handled during cornering than an SUV. 

SUV vs Sedan: Mileage

A sedan tends to offer better fuel efficiency than an SUV. This is because the sedan is smaller than an SUV, both in terms of body length and height. It also weighs less than an SUV. Furthermore, they offer a petrol variant while most of the SUVs do not. 

SUV vs Sedan: Safety

In terms of safety, the sedan tends to be a safer option than an SUV. The reason being the closed boot space in a sedan where you can easily store your valuables. The SUV is more of an open vehicle with big windows and a windshield. So whatever belongings that you store in the SUV will be easily visible from the outside which further creates a sense of insecurity among occupants. Furthermore, SUVs have an advantage over low-slung sedans. They have a better water wading capability over flooded streets. This is because they have their air intakes and exhausts located at a slightly higher level than that of a sedan.

We can clearly see that the SUV outshines a sedan in many aspects, most of which are very crucial to the Indian customers. An SUV is more practical with a better ride quality, higher ground clearance, and more space in comparison to a sedan. The sedan gives you a cozier drive than an SUV. It sits quite close to the ground which further gives a sporty appeal. Also, their great aerodynamics helps them to stick to the surface of the road. Sedan offers better mileage than an SUV. 

Author: Samreen Pall

A Computer Science graduate but a writer at heart, Samreen has one motto that she swears by: 'Everything is dull and useless if it has no drama in it.' This motto comes to life through her writing and storytelling style. She is the Senior Lead - Content Writer at Droom Technology currently and has a total experience of 5 years. In the past, she has worked with renowned brands while creating and curating amazing content for these brands. She is an avid traveller and loves a quiet sunset on a mountain top. more

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