Mahindra TUV300 Plus Review

  • Published On: 25 July 2018
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The newest offering from Mahindra has a similar design, but there’s more to it.

The TUV300 handles bumps with ease.
There is a shortage of legroom.
The quality of materials used is low.
The car has a polarizing design.
The TUV300 handles bumps with ease.
There is a shortage of legroom.
The quality of materials used is low.
The car has a polarizing design.

Mahindra’s sub-4m metre SUV, the TUV300 can now be had as a nine-seater and it’s called the Plus. It is 4,440mm long and uses a 2.2-litre mHAWK motor that produces 120hp. While it is longer, it remains visually similar to the standard model. That said, upon closer inspection you will notice redesigned fog light housings and large 16-inch wheels.

When you get inside, the new seats fall in front of your eyes. This variant of the SUV also has a touchscreen unit that is similar to the TUV300, the interior also remains unchanged. The unimpressive materials from the regular car also make their way to this model. Because the Plus shares the same wheelbase, individuals seated on the second row continue to struggle for leg space. This row also lacks an armrest and air con vents.

When you try to get into the rear of the car you will notice that the foot-step is situated a bit too high. This will be drawback especially if elderly people or children regularly travel in the car. The room on the inside is inadequate for full-sized adults. Mahindra’s claim of four people sitting here can’t be believed completely. While the two seats can seat two adults, the legroom for passengers on the seats opposite them is too less.

Towards the rear, the TUV misses out on a reverse-parking camera and the sensors it has aren’t accurate. You have to ensure that you know the foot-step and spare wheel are also in the wat while reversing.

The more powerful motor that can be found in this Plus variant is an advantage. The refinement levels are decent and the motor revs smoothly with vibrations being handled well.

When on the move, an immediate thing you will notice is the light clutch. The predefined gates on the car also mean that gears slot in well. But, the long travel of the clutch does cause jerkiness at times.

The TUV is disappointing at highway speeds. The sorter gearing makes the motor feel stressed even cruising at 100kph. Another problem is the heavy steering which makes it difficult to use in tight spaces.

However, the TUV does take care of undulations really well. The car feels relaxed at high speeds and glides over pothole-ridden roads nicely. While there is a little vertical movement, it can only be felt on really aggressive bumps.

Should I buy one?

The TUV300 Plus can be had in three variants – P4, P6 and P8. The prices start at Rs 9.59 lakh and go up to Rs 10.98 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The SUV has good carrying potential and ability to take on really bad roads. The car is suited towards village and town roads. Another nice thing is the good amount of power and torque this car has.

Author: Droom

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