Lamborghini Urus Review

  • Published On: 15 May 2018
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The Urus wears the Lamborghini badge on its hood, but is it truly a one? We find out.

The Urus has a sharp and aggressive design.
The twin turbo V8 motor.
Sporty looking interiors in the Urus.
Large rear diffuser on the Urus.
The Urus handles gravel impressively.
The Urus has a sharp and aggressive design.
The twin turbo V8 motor.
Sporty looking interiors in the Urus.
Large rear diffuser on the Urus.
The Urus handles gravel impressively.

Lamborghini has entered the SUV segment with the new Urus. Recently, this SUV segment has blown up and most car makers are getting into to. SUV are selling like hot cakes, even the top of the segment has a demand for them. This is exactly the segment Lamborghini wants to enter. Such a move would be impossible to digest ten years ago, but times have changed now.

The order books filling up matters more than what the traditionalists and purist think. This segment of car is highly profitable and makes most of the money for big car makers. This is the same reason why manufacturers like Porsche, Maserati and recently Rolls-Royce entered the SUV segment. We also expect the Italian supercar maker, Ferrari to offer a SUV soon as well.

On the outside

Yes, the Urus can’t turn heads like the car maker’s Aventador, it doesn’t have the visual drama of a supercar. While the Urus may have a SUV-like silhouette, it has large 23 inch wheels and butch stance making it hard to miss. Other than this, the SUV does have some Lamborghini design influences like a sloping roofline and angular lines in many places. The car also has Y-shaped LED daytime running lights.

On the inside

Further, one would expect the coupe-like roofline to reduce the interior space but surprisingly it hasn’t and the cabin is spacious. It is so spacious at the rear that it can fit two six-foot individuals without a fuss. That said, the driver’s seat is where you would want to be even in this Lamborghini. It feels snug and sporty but lacks the firmness one would want get from the car maker’s other offerings. The car also comes equipped with a high-def, three-screen layout from the Audi A8. But, this car does get its unique graphics and bright glow.

The car also has a barrel-shaped centre console which holds the switches for the drive mode and starter button. This car has the most driving modes of any Lamborghini which doesn’t come as a surprise considering that it is a SUV.

How does it drive?

Before we head out for the drive, here are some quick numbers. Firstly, this is no big V10 or V12 that revs very high instead you get a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 motor making 650hp and 850Nm of torque. In terms of weight, the Urus weighs 2.2 tonnes which is quite a bit but that doesn’t stop it front hitting 100kph in an impressive 3.6 seconds and a claimed top speed of 305kph.

As soon as you get on the accelerator pedal, you don’t have a hard time believing these figures. The acceleration is immense, so much that the scenery around you becomes a blur. Interestingly, the SUV doesn’t become more intimidating the faster you go, you always feel like you are in control.

The SUV also offering a quick steering that reduces body roll making it feel a lot smaller than it actually is. However, the steering is still not as small as the one in the Cayenne. In terms of sound, the engine doesn’t produce the note of a V10 or V12 but instead offers a deep growl. Like most new sporty turbocharged cars, it pops and bangs on the overrun.

So, is the Urus a Huracan on stilts, then? Well, not exactly. In tight bends, one can feel the huge amount of weight transfer. When we were driving the SUV on the racetrack we also felt the need for more revs. The 6,800rpm redline feels limited and we ended up hitting the limiter a few times.

Should I buy one?

When we first saw how big the Urus is, we felt like it would feel like a regular big SUV and nothing like a Lamborghini. But we are happy to tell you that is not the case. It performs, handles and sounds like a Lamborghini. The car also looks stunning inside and out. The biggest achievement however, comes in form of the impressive performance it offers without losing out on performance.

Priced at Rs 3.10 crore (ex-showroom) the Urus isn’t exactly affordable, but for that money, you genuinely can’t get an SUV that provides the similar performance.

Author: Droom

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