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  • Published On: 31 May 2018
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The new A6 looks better and offers more technology; we got a taste of it in Portugal.

The front-end of the new A6 looks sharp and aggressive.
The interior in the A6 is good place to be.
The car is available with a number of wheel options.
The horizontal theme is seen on the taillights and exhaust tips.
The A6 has two lines running across the side of it.
The front-end of the new A6 looks sharp and aggressive.
The interior in the A6 is good place to be.
The car is available with a number of wheel options.
The horizontal theme is seen on the taillights and exhaust tips.
The A6 has two lines running across the side of it.


In 2016 we saw the E-class moving on to a next-gen model; following it was the 5-series in 2017. Now, in 2018 we finally see the A6 getting a major update. Interestingly, this model will be the last of the MLB Evo platform after which, the company will use Porsche’s MSB platform.

The A6 is a very important car for the company and for the last few years, competition has taken over. However, there is still time this new model to reach India. We will first get the A8 which will then be followed by the A6. India will only get the standard model and not the long wheelbase variant. However, with the E-class being available only as a long wheelbase and the BMW with the option able 6 GT – it has become almost mandatory in this segment.

Audi says that the LWB A6 is only being manufactured as a left hand drive option. This could be one of the biggest reasons for it not being available in India.

On the outside

Like most German carmakers, Audi is also continuing to offer similar family styling. The A6 looks good but can be considered similar to the new A8. This is Audi not wanting to fix something that’s not broken. However, the new A6 looks a lot sharper and muscular than the previous generation model.

Towards the front of this Audi is a hexagonal grille and the company’s powerful LED headlights. The front of the car also has an overall aggressive design. Towards the side, one will notice the car having two cease lines each beginning and ending at the front and rear fenders. The car comes with many wheel options; one can also go all the way up to 21 inches. The taillights on this sedan are horizontal units and look neat. The exhaust tip on the car also follows the rectangular design.

On the inside

The rear seat on this car is as important as the front seat. One must consider that this is not a LWB model. That said, the room is impressive but you can’t stretch out your legs like you would in an E. Nonetheless, the space is sufficient even for a taller person. Headroom is good as well, however our favourite thing was the seats – they had a good amount of contouring with good amounts of support. The Audi A6 has a four-zone climate control system that features touch controls.

When you sit on the driver seat, you will be greeted to many new features seen in cars under the VW Group. The infotainment and instrumentation is taken care of by a dual touchscreen panel. As we have previously experienced, it is a unit that works well and offers good feedback. A drawback of having everything touch-enabled is that you are required to operate them.

This system is pretty advanced and has options where you can customise it. Furthermore, the car can also have more intuitive voice commands. If the cabin gets a bit heated, the car will ask you what temperature you would like to set the AC to.

How does it drive?

The A6 can be had with many powertrain options, interestingly; all will feature the mild-hybrid system. Audi is also working on a plug-in hybrid model. For now though, we have no idea what models are headed here, but the 40 TDI making its way is pretty obvious.  

Performance-wise, the petrol motor makes 340hp and 500Nm of torque, while the diesel model makes 204hp and 400Nm. Both these engines come mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. The diesel motor is powerful enough to take care of everyday duties but lacks the punch for sporty driving. The petrol car is refined and that is something we have come to expect from Audi. It is refined and the motor is always ready to shoot the car forward.

However, when you consider the car’s hybrid tech – it only comes to life in certain conditions. One of the big features is that it can shut down the engine when not in need and start it up when necessary. Handling suspension duties are air springs on the petrol car and regular ones on the diesel model.

In both scenarios, the car delivered just the perfect balance of comfort and handling. Considering that the biggest feature of the A6 in the Indian market was the air suspension, we can expect the same from the upcoming A6 as well. However, how it performs on our roads is yet to be seen.

Overall, the car offers a soft ride but not that much to make the car willowy. The car didn’t get a bit firmer once we put it in Dynamic mode. There are also top-spec A6 variants which offer four-wheel steering making the car feel light for its size. Audi’s steering feel isn’t the best out there, but like A8 it is pretty adequate. It has a weight to it and offers good levels of response.

Should I buy one?

To begin with, the car won’t be available anytime soon. Audi says it will only bring the car to India after it launches the new A8. When it does make its way here, one can expect it to be heavily equipped with air suspension, four-zone AC and the large touchscreen displays.

Engine-wise, it uses a diesel motor that isn’t the most refined out there but should be prove to be adequate for everyday usage. The mild-hybrid system should enable it to give it the best efficiency from every litre possible. That being said, if you like driving, the petrol model is the one to opt for that is if it makes it to India. In conclusion, the A6 is not aimed at a single type of buyer and is a rounded package. If you are the type to drive and get driven around, the A6 is a good option.

Author: Droom

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