About Bundled Deals

  • Exciting service offerings bundled with vehicle purchase
  • Offers on Vehicle Servicing, Roadside Assistance, Warranty, Car Care, and other Ancillary Services
  • Chance to Grab your Germ Proof Vehicle* only if you Book Now
Know More Get Assistance Now *T&C Apply
About Bundled Deals

Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand

How it works

  • Choose a Vehicle
    on droom
  • Click on the
    Pay Token Amount
  • Select the Bundled
    Deals of your Choice
  • Complete the
    Payment Process
  • Order Verification
    by Droom
  • Visit the seller
    and get your Vehicle
*Deliveries Post Lockdown


Bundled Offer allows you to select the Used Vehicle of your choice with a few clicks and grab exclusive bundled deals on the purchase! Chance to avail offers on year-long Roadside Assistance, Warranty, Car Care, and the much needed Germ Proofing for your Vehicle! Droom brings to you its seamless experience of virtual buying through this offering whilst supporting the utmost priority of staying home and staying safe.

Choose any of the Vehicle listings showcased on our https://www.droom.in/bundled-deals page, select the bundled deal of your choice and confirm your purchase by paying the Token Amount.*

Planning to buy a Used Vehicle? Post Lockdown? Why wait? Will visiting a showroom or a known be safe? We understand the value of staying home and staying safe during these unprecedented times and encourage the same. With this Offer, Droom brings home to you the best Used Vehicle offerings and treats you with added benefits! Book your Dream Car or Bike by paying the Token Amount Now!

This is a Limited Period Offer valid as part of Droom’s Exclusive Lockdown Special Promotion, until products/services last.

This Offer is applicable on all Vehicle listings showcased on https://www.droom.in/bundled-deals page

Pay the Token Amount on the Vehicle listing you want to purchase and post payment, you will obtain Order confirmation along with other details of your purchase. You can also reach us on our Hotline No. 9650 08 08 08 or mail us at lockdown@droom.in

Post order confirmation of your Vehicle, buyer verification processes will begin and any queries regarding delivery of your Vehicle and related Vehicle maintenance benefits such as year-long RSA, will be duly addressed by our Delivery team. Other benefits which are essentially one-time treatments/services will be provided during Vehicle Delivery, for instance, Germ Shield Service*

Token amount is the booking amount or commitment amount paid by a buyer on Droom’s online platform to make commitment for a purchase. It is a small part of the selling price and the remaining payment can be made directly to the seller later on. It is covered under Droom’s Buyer Protection and fully (100%) refundable in case of non-closure of the transaction

With the payment of Token Amount or Commitment Fee, Droom covers you with Buyer Protection. Buyer Protection enables that a buyer obtains 100% refund in case the transaction does not go through*

Considering the nation-wide Lockdown, this Offer enables the buyer to pick up the Vehicle from the showroom once post the Lockdown. The details of storefront will be communicated to you upon Order Confirmation

Depending upon the Seller, the doorstep delivery of the purchased Vehicle may or may not be available; the same will either be provided to you as part of the Vehicle listing showcased or will be confirmed upon Order Confirmation

Yes, you can cancel your Order within the closure period, typically within 5 business days. Buyer Protection assures you of the aforementioned and refund can thence be initiated*

Yes, the refund is initiated typically within 5 days post cancellation of the Order. However, the amount of refund may vary from case to case basis solely on Droom’s discretion, and the decision of Droom shall be final and binding

You can reach out to us on our Hotline No. 9650 08 08 08 or mail us at lockdown@droom.in. Our Customer Support representative would love to help you!

*T&C Apply and Vehicle Deliveries post Lockdown