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What is OBV Premium Report?
The first and only algorithmic pricing engine for used vehicles in India, Orange Book Value (OBV), suggests the fair market value of any used car, bike or scooter through the OBV basic report. The basic OBV report provides information like the current market valuation of the vehicle and the past transaction history. Now, with the introduction of the OBV Premium Report, users can have a better experience as it gives a lot more information than the basic version of the report. If you want to take a more informed decision in buying or selling a used vehicle and want to know the fair price of your used vehicle with more statistics and data, then you should go for OBV Premium Report.

How To Get OBV Premium Report?
Users can purchase the Premium Valuation Report from OBV's website. Before the user proceeds to pay, he/she will get to know the content of the used vehicle valuation report. After that they can pay and get the OBV Premium Valuation Report.

Why OBV Premium Report
OBV Premium Report is the most comprehensive pricing guide for used car, bike and scooters. With the help of the new OBV Premium Report for used vehicle pricing, the whole process of buying and selling of used vehicles will see a drastic change and it will help the users make a well-informed decision. It also provides various other information about the pricing of the used car, bike or scooter you are planning to buy or sell along with user reviews, expert reviews, lifespan of the components of the vehicle, etc.

Benefits of OBV Premium Report
The OBV Premium Valuation Report comes with various benefits for the users. By purchasing the OBV Premium Report, the users will get an idea of the total cost of ownership of a used vehicle. Apart from the current market value of the used vehicle, the users will also get to know the price paid by other buyers for a similar used vehicle that comes with the same make, model, year and trim combination. Also, you can get user ratings and user reviews along with expert reviews of the pre-owned car, bike or scooter you want to buy.