New Honda City (Petrol) Expert Review

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  • Published On: 4 February 2021
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The Honda City, since its inception back in 1998, has enjoyed the popularity like no other mid-size sedan in its segment. With the introduction of the 5th Generation City, can Honda be able to set a higher benchmark for its most beloved sedan we try to find out.

New Honda City
  • New Honda City

The Honda City is a household name in India especially while considering the purchase of a reliable and value for money mid-size sedan. In its 22-year long history, the City has evolved from one generation to the other further cementing its position in the market and in the hearts of Indian consumers. 2020 saw the introduction of the 5th Generation Honda City, we look at the sedan to determine what all has changed and will the all-new product be able to reclaim its spot once again as the segment leader.

How much of a change does it offer?

In comparison to the 4th generation, the 5th Gen-Honda City is new by design. It offers a more premium appeal than the outgoing model. Pinned on the Honda Jazz platform, its chassis has been heavily modified for better crash protection and refinement. Dimension-wise, the new model is larger in size than its predecessor and the longest in its segment. Thus, its length stands at 4549mm while the width measures 1748mm and its height is 1489mm. Going by styling, the design is an upgrade though the silhouette remains the same as before. Upfront the car provides a chunky chrome finished band that merges into the headlamps. The headlight cluster might just remind you of the Honda Civic though when compared with the earlier version, it stands to provide a premium look. Given that they come in full LED, the boomerang effect adds an element of character. Further, the 16-inch diamond cut alloy wheels present on the sides provide an attractive stance. Though their rubber size could have been a little bit bigger as the current ones look a bit small. While the rear caters to LED tail lights that look quite elegant along with a curved boot lid.

What is the interior like?

The cabin of the Honda City has always been a nice place to be in. And the new version does not disappoint either. With a dual-tone interior (black & beige), the dashboard layout looks premium while it provides elements like a full digital instrument cluster that features an analog speedometer alongside an RPM meter and virtual display. Furthermore, the presence of an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, adds flavor to this sedan. This system is very intuitive as it comes equipped with connectivity features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Plus, there are other connected functions like remote operation, alerts, geo-fencing as well as advanced voice guidance available through the Amazon Alexa App with the vehicle. As part of convenience, the touchscreen can also be utilized as a reverse camera. Though the resolution of the screen is not the best during the daytime, it still does the job reasonably well. For entertainment purposes there are 8 speakers on-board that provide great sound quality to the music playing in the background. The round A/C controls provided here not only feel top quality but also look premium in appeal due to their chrome surround finish.