Mercedes-Benz C-class facelift Review

  • Published On: 21 June 2018
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Mercedes-Benz has updated the C with a new motor and more equipment.

The C-class we drove had AWD and air suspension.
The car is very similar in terms of styling.
The LED layout in the tailight is different.
The C-class is available in a number of different body styles.
The C-class we drove had AWD and air suspension.
The car is very similar in terms of styling.
The LED layout in the tailight is different.
The C-class is available in a number of different body styles.


The current generation C-Class has been around from four years. That said, the car doesn’t feel its age because it has aged very well. Yes, competition has taken things one step ahead, especially in terms of tech and infotainment. But, the C-class still holds its own thanks to its elegant design. And as we know, updates are generally good things and that’s what we will get in October 2018. We drove the car in Germany and here is our report.

On the outside

There isn’t much new in terms of design. The outside is the same for the most part, apart from small tweaks to the grille, bumpers and wheels. The car will be available with two headlight options – one that features two rows of LED units and one with a large projector that has the range of 650 metres. The Mercedes also features a reworked light patten in the taillight.

On the inside

On the inside, the major changes are to the screens. The car can now be had with an optional 10.25 inch unit that takes place of the older 12.3 inch analogue one. We are hoping that these screens make their way to India. The steering in the S-Class is similar to the one in the one that can be found in the S-class. As one would expect, the regular model gets a simple unit while the AMG model gets a sporty unit. Nicely, both the wheels now offer more controls. Mercedes has also listened to its customers and equipped the car with more matte wood.

How does it drive?

Every powertrain for the car is either new or updated. The smaller petrol motor in the 200 is a 1.5 litre replacing the 2.0 litre one while making the same power figures. The 300 in the convertible is now a 258hp unit and the 220d is a 2.0-litre unit. The AMG 43 uses the same twin-turbo V6, but this time around it makes a bit more horsepower.

In terms of torque, the C300d makes similar figures. However, power has now gone up taking the total up to 245hp. The motor in this Mercedes was never known to be lacking in anyway, this is thanks to the Impressive gearbox it is equipped with. You can tell that the car has good grunt and it can be felt when you are out on the highway. The engine also feels smoother than the 2.1-litre one that is in the previous gen car. The gearshifts in the car are smooth for the most part but can be unhappy when you shift down for instant acceleration.

The limitation came when we had to figure out the car’s ride and handling. The car we were driving was the European-spec model; on top of that we were driving it on roads much smoother than ours. The European-spec car gets air suspension and AWD that is missing on the Indian model. As expected, the car we were driving had a smooth and cushion-like ride quality.

Another thing we couldn’t judge was the steering feel because the AWD system and air suspension were intervening. IN this European-spec car the responsiveness felt slow. We also drive the sporty C 43, but that car very similar to the model it will replace. We also found it to be louder but this could be because we were driving it through a German forest. The also felt considerably more planted than the regular model. We also got to sample the Level 2 Autonomous driving that first appeared in the S-class. But, according to the German carmaker this tech will not be headed to India.

Should I buy one?

Definitely, if the C-class was already the car of choice, the newer model has made it a better deal. The C-class feels like a more modern offering this time around. That said, there are a few questions that arise. Will India be okay with the smaller 1.5-litre engine? Will Mercedes equip the car well like the European-spec model? Will the suspension be better tuned this time around? All of these questions will be answered in October. The C-class though has become a model range with so much on offer. You can get it with different powertrains and even body styles. All suited towards the demand and budget of the buyer.

Author: Droom

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