Hyundai Creta facelift Review

  • Published On: 28 May 2018
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The facelifted Creta has finally arrived; here is everything that’s different on the car.

The grille now meets the headlights.
The interior remains largely unchanged.
Large faux skid plate at the rear.
The side remains the same aside the large 17 inch wheels.
The grille now meets the headlights.
The interior remains largely unchanged.
Large faux skid plate at the rear.
The side remains the same aside the large 17 inch wheels.


The Creta made its debut in 2015 and since then it has been a favourite of the Indian market. The car is a big seller ever since its launch and considering how well the Creta has been in terms of sales. This is why the Korean car maker was is no hurry to launch the updated model. Well, it is finally here and it gets visual changes and some additional features. Like before, the car is available with a 1.4-litre diesel and 1.6-litre diesel or petrol. Both can be had with either a manual or automatic transmission. Interestingly, the new model gets five options instead of seven.

On the outside

The design of the updated Creta is largely the same but it does have a few visual tweaks. Towards the front, the car has a larger grille which is more prominent than the model it replaces. This grille now meets the headlights, a design touch found on many new Hyundai’s. While they remain the same in shape, they do feature bit-functional projectors. The new car gets LED DRLs which sit around the fog lights and they look neat. Making it look more like a SUV are the larger skid plates towards the front and back of the car.

When looked at from its side, the only difference is the redesigned alloy wheels. They are diamond-cut and look much sharper than before. The rear of the car also has similar changes; it gets reshaped taillights and a rear bumper. The new Creta facelift will be available in a new shade of orange. Overall, the Creta continues to be a good-looking car.

On the inside

The Creta doesn’t feature big changes on the inside; it still has the same styling as earlier. The dashboard is neat and well-finished but passengers don’t get a view out back as they would want. Where you see the changes are in terms of features. The top-spec model that costs more than Rs 50,000 than earlier gets you a lot of additional stuff. These features include an electric sunroof, power seat for the driver, cruise control and auto-dimming rear-view mirror. Another new feature is Hyundai’s Autolink app which lets you check on the driving patterns, check vehicle health and make an appointment for a service.

The Instrument cluster and touchscreen on the car are also now different so is the software. However, we do wish the Verna’s ventilated seat feature also made it to this model. In terms safety, the car gets dual airbags and electronic stability control.

How does it drive?

Hyundai has made small mechanical changes to the Creta; the 1.6-litre diesel now carries forward the strengths that impressed us in the beginning. Even though the power figures remain untouched, the new model makes max torque at earlier in the rev range.

Like earlier, the diesel motor is silent and pretty refined. When you begin driving around in the city, you will observe that is there is a bit of turbo lag below 1,700rpm, however after you cross it the car pulls strongly. The car is easier is drive than before, and the there is a good build up. What’s more is that the motor is decently tractable as well; you can get by driving around in a higher gear. The six-speed gearbox in the car shifts well with the clutch being light and easy to use.

Should I buy one?

Hyundai’s new Creta is pretty successful as updates go. At an additional cost of Rs 50,000 on this top-end SX (O) model, the facelift does give you what you would look for in an SUV. The petrol model can finally be had in this top-spec option. However, those who want an automatic will have to opt for a lower variant.

But if you’ve always wanted a Creta, and don’t mind paying the additional cash for the added features, Hyundai’s SUV has never been better to buy.

Author: Droom

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