Hero Glamour review

  • Published On: 19 April 2017
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The Glamour sure looks great, but does this 125cc bike offer enough performance to match its appearance?

Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour

Hero Moto Corp introduced the Super Splendor in a bid to keep its line-up fresh, but customers didn’t take to the bike as well so, Hero launched this bike. It’s a smarter-looking variant of the Super Splendor — the Glamour. But where does it stand in our ultra-competitive Indian bike market? We find out.

The voluptuous front fairing, and fresh bodywork run the length of the bike. The clear lens headlight is halogen-powered and works brilliantly when it’s dark. The front mudguard sports a dual-tone theme that is also carried over on the chain guard.

Mirrors match the body shade and there are a few flashy decals to spruce things up. The neat instruments come with a brushed-finish look, plus a trip gauge within the very rider-friendly speedometer. There’s a fuel gauge that accompanies all the other usual warning lamps. The 13.6-litre fuel tank is finely sculpted but the knee recesses carved within it do not serve to comfortably accommodate a rider’s knees. 


The Glamour shares its electrical switches with the Super Splendor. This switchgear is class leading - with high and low beams deployed at the push of a button instead of a switch. A pass-light flasher is also included in the package. There’s a flush fuel filler cap that’s migrated here from the Karizma, and dummy air-scoops that serve to fill the undertank void. The side and rear panels blend well with little slits adding visual relief, while the racy chequered decals add some style to this bike. Paint and build quality are great too.

The bike is powered by the same ‘Quantum Core’ engine as on the Super Splendor.

This air-cooled, four-stroke and single-cylinder manages a meagre 9.1hp at 7000rpm, although torque peaks at a far healthier 10.29Nm, developed at 4000rpm. It comes with a self-starter as well.


Gearshift quality, though not a matter of concern, could surely improve. The four-speed ‘box shifts in an all-up pattern via a heel-and-toe-operated lever. The fly in the ointment though is that this engine lacks significant punch with performance prominently tardy when compared to any other modern 125cc capacity bike. The bike gets to 60kph in a lethargic 7.37 seconds.

The Glamour improves leaps and bounds over the Super Splendor. The riding posture is still quite upright and commuter-friendly. Ride quality, which borders on the firmer side. Handling dynamics are sufficient – the bike is light and composed - perfect when dealing with India’s traffic-jammed roads. Cornering manners are as good as expected from this class of motorcycle. We strongly recommend the top-of-the-line Glamour. When faced with the worst conditions possible in stop-and-go city traffic, the Glamour returned a fair 55.2 kilometres per litre. At speeds close to 70kph, it still turned in a creditable 58.3kpl.

Other than cosmetic differences, there’s nothing to separate the Glamour from a Super Splendor. The Glamour should have offered a little more go to match its show. The glitzy-looking Glamour will find it difficult to take on the segment leaders, Bajaj’s Discover and Yamaha’s Fazer.  

Author: Droom

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